Coaching & Mediation

Tannaz Hpour is a certified life coach and CBT practitioner specializing in personal development, relationships & family mediation with a strong academic background in conflict/dispute resolution.

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Personal Development Coaching

As your coach and cheerleader, I will be there to assist you on your journey as you choose a path of success, achievement, fulfillment and empowerment. Through CBT, I can help you identify your limiting beliefs/blockages, and guide you on how to release them so that you can create new ones that will bring joy and satisfaction into your life. My intention is to help create new behavioural patterns that will help manifest all of your thoughts, wishes and dreams into a tangible reality.

Allow me the opportunity to partner with you while you enhance the quality of your relationships and live your true dharma; your full authentic potential.

Family Mediation & Conflict Resolution

As a Certified Canadian Family Mediator, I can assist couples and families reach agreements in a confidential setting. These agreements include but are not limited to parenting plans, financial issues, maritial plans, arrangements for children after a break up and others. Through the process of mediation, we will identify the issues that need to be resolved; prioritize the issues and focus on one at a time; discuss possible solutions; come to agreement; have a draft prepared of their emerging agreement; and review, revise, and prepare the agreement for signing.

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