About Minutes on Growth

Minutes on Growth was created by Tannaz Hpour with the intention of creating a positive and safe space for conscious, and aware individuals to come together, learn about and discuss subjects related to spirituality, personal development/growth, relationships, self-care practices, nutrition and other self-help, up-lifting topics.

In order to have a healthier soul, body and mind, some changes may be necessary.  We live in a fast paced society and at times it may be hard to dedicate large chunks of time to work on our personal development. MOG creates short blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes that are intentionally designed in a manner that are practical and easy to apply to our daily lives.

About Tannaz Hpour


With an academic background in management and dispute resolution law, Tannaz Hpour is a Dubai based commercial negotiator and family mediator. She is also a certified life coach specializing in personal development, as well as a CBT practitioner. She is the host of her self-help podcast show, Minutes on Growth, available on iTunes.

Since 2017, she is the CEO and founder of TP Education Consultants, an educational consultancy firm based in Toronto and Dubai. She spends her free time traveling, writing articles, organizing workshops, raising awareness on environmental toxins, volunteering, fund-raising for various organizations worldwide, and also selecting & reading books for her book club in Dubai.

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