Episode 15 – Accountability and Consistency

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Hi Everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to Minutes on Growth.The last time I recorded, I mentioned that due to personal reasons, I had taken a break from recording. I thought that my writing could take a break until all my life problems had disappeared. Well, today marks 8 months since that decision, and I am pleased to announce that not much has changed since in regards to my circumstances and that my decision was the wrong one. In fact, life even got crazier. My partner got sick, I lost my grand father and then I got sick. It seems as if, every single time I want to get life back to quote on quote “how it was”, it not only doesn’t happen but more events turn to unfold as well. Which made me realize that we will never reach a point in our lives where we can completely control the outside forces. We can however control how we feel about them and how we treat them on the inside. Waiting for the perfect moment is a waste of time and can in fact lead to anxiety. We’re constantly looking forward to tomorrow, the next week, the future. We fail to actually live in the moment, the present moment. We end up putting off our worries, but just like how it was when we were in school, you can put off studying for that exam, but you’re eventually going to have to study for it the night before, which only creates more stress and anxiety. So why not live it as it happens, why not live life as it occurs. But easier said than done right? How can I be okay on the inside when I lose a loved one? I realized that it is not necessarily about being okay but there are two factors that one should never forget in life: accountability and consistency. It is about realizing that you may not be responsible for everything that happens in your life from the outside, but you are responsible for your actions and your thoughts and your feelings, after all they are YOURS. It is about realizing that I am responsible for how I react to situations, I am responsible for how I feel, for how I think. Once you start taking responsibility and accountability for yourself, you tend to notice your attitude changing towards yourself. A bit harsh no? I mean all that responsibility can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes we just want to run away from it all. I know I have. But we can’t live in fear of responsiblity and in victim mode forever. We can’t put our lives on hold forever. We’re here for a purpose. We need to go forward.  I mean at this very moment, I have a major back spasm that has limited my mobility for over a month, but I can’t use it as an excuse to not record, especially since I don’t really need to walk to do it. Your life is like your business and you’re like the CEO. Your business plan consists of your goals and visions for the company. Are you going to navigate it towards growth and prosperity or towards bankruptcy and closure? Are you going to allow a few bad clients to force you to give up? Are you going to fight with all your employees? Are you going to place all your energy and focus constantly thinking about all the ways your company is going to fail and be extremely critical of all its components ? I doubt it. All businesses go through ups and downs, but are you going to shut down your company until things settle or are you going to try and figure it out? I doubt that too because you’re responsible for the business and the jobs you’ve created and you don’t want all that investment of time and money to go to waste. You don’t want to throw away your vision for the company. It is the same with our lives, however, somehow, we don’t apply the same standards to our lives. Well we should. Once we’re able to take responsibility, it is about showing up to those responsiblities every single day, and that’s where consistency comes into place. It is about waking up every morning and being consistent with your words and promises to yourself. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is absolutely impossible to do so, but it is important to remember that even on those days, it is important to try. You may not be able to perform like you usually do, but the intention of trying is all that matters). It’s realizing that regardless of what is happening in my life, I will continue my commitments, not because I have to, but because I want to and I am going to try my best to do so. I want to stay loyal to myself. I want to be the best CEO of my life that I can be. I will go to the gym, I will finish that book, I will continue recording episodes, I will continue giving my energy to my job, I will make the effort to be a conscious and aware co-worker, friend, partner, sibling, parent, daughter. What I am going through is hard and difficult, but I know I can go through it, I know that I won’t let it derail me off my journey and even if it does, I will get back on track because I will show up to my life. I will honour my promises to myself. I will honour my commitment to myself and my life. I know that I cannot control what happens in this life, but I can control how I face it. I can control how I live my life, and I will live It and face it with courage and determination for growth. So Today’s affirmation for me will be “I will show up to my own life with courage” and every time I get nervous or anxious that my life is spiralling out of control, I will just take a deep breath and repeat those words to myself.

Thank you all for listening, Talk to you soon

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour


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