Episode 24 – Take No For An Answer

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Hi everyone,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth.

For the longest time, I have been asking my guy friends if I can play football with them, and every single time, they kept rejecting me. You see, I used to be a very active kid growing up, but I haven’t worked out in over 4 years, after injuring my back in kick boxing. Since then, I’ve avoided working out all together (In fact I used my back as an excuse to get super lazy). As a result, my muscles got so weak that I developed health issues, to be specific, a disc issue in my lower back and I ended up in physio for over a year just so that I could become able to sit down without pain. Anyways, all of this to say that because of my absence from the active world, I’ve been really eager to play football, because its one of the only sports I genuinely enjoy playing, and it doesn’t feel like a work out to me. The boys kept saying no, and I kept insisting, until one day, in fact it was two nights before turning 28, we were all at the dinner table, as soon as I heard “no” for the millionth time, I suddenly said out loud ” Fine, I’ll make my own team.” I don’t know what took over me, or what the rationale behind it was, but I was fed up of having someone tell me I can’t be a part of something that I love. I suddenly picked up my phone and started messaging all my friends. Within 4 days, we were at our first session, and since then we set a goal for ourselves and hired a great international coach to get us there.

This experience has taught me to think outside of the box, and to realize that sometimes surrendering to a NO isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes in life, a NO can lead you to much better and bigger things. In fact, sometimes a NO is exactly what you need to hear to get you to step up and elevate.

So the next time you hear a NO, ask yourself – is this really what I want and if it is then is there another way for me to bring this vision to life? Can I surrender this path and seek a better alternative?

You see, life is filled with unlimited potential and opportunities – and if they don’t already exist, we can try our best to create them!

Thank you for listening and talk to you soon.

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour


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