Episode 26 – Faith & Hope

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Hi Everyone,

Its Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. With everything that is going around the world, I thought that I would focus this episode on the words faith & hope.

I’m recording this episode wearing a shirt with the text ” Relax, nothing is under control”. It could not be any more relevant.

As we’re all sitting at home, some of us worried about the future, and how this will impact our lives, let us courageously take this opportunity to reframe the situation for ourselves.

Here’s a suggestion.. Why don’t we try to let go of the word “problem” and replace it with the word “challenge” – A problem suggests that there is something we need to fix, but as my shirt notes, this situation Is not in our control – There’s not much we can do on the physical realm except distance ourselves from others – The word challenge on the other hand suggests that this challenge like all the others we face throughout our life is one that we can turn inwards to overcome – one that is ultimately here to serve us & to help us grow.

Let us be conscious of our thoughts, beliefs and opinions. What are we putting out into the collective consciousness? How are we contributing? Are we speaking fear or hope into fruition? This is our opportunity to level up the awareness field

Today, more than ever, we are reminded of the power of intention, the all knowing, omnipresent force that is here and everywhere. Let us tap into that force – it is ours to tap into so let us align with it.

Let us be the living example of the power of spirit –

Let us be here, in the present moment. The future moment is filled with uncertainty, but this moment, this moment is the right moment for us  to Turn within, to Return to the source. And to strengthen our belief in certainty.

Let us allow our divine mind to take the lead , and surrender for it to connect with the collective mind.

Let us allow our souls to remember the spirit’s truth – that all is well – the source that blooms the flowers, flows the rivers, grows the trees – the invisible source – it’s still here – it’s still working- Know that the light is by our side – there is goodness everywhere – beauty surrounds us.

Let us envision that our prayers are blossoming in a new world –  a new world filled with more compassion and love – something wonderful is taking place and we choose to align with it.

Let us make a conscious effort to be In a state of absolute thanksgiving – knowing that which we are praying for has already come to fruition. Knowing that our prayers have come true. We allow it to fulfill itself more beautifully that we can ever imagine. 

We are the ones that get to choose. Today, just for today, choose to participate in goodness, love, blessings. We are opening ourselves to becoming the divine receiver of all these blessings and in fact, our cups are so full that we are  now bestowing these blessings onto our friends and family. Remembering that we are all connected, and we are all one,Let us extend this light to all of those on the planet 

We want to bring the eternal into our reality. So let us speak of blessings. Speak of hope. Let us amplify the energy within us – Let the light into every aspect of your life – mental and physical part. 

Plug into it and allow the transformation from fear to hope – This fear, let us let it go, let it evaporate. We rise, and thrive to a place of divine strength and clarity, divine cooperation and magnificence. 

I want to end this episode by reciting an excerpt from Dr Wayne Dyer’s book, the power of intention. He writes, “ In his book Man’s searching for meaning, Viktor Frankl describes a bowl of filthy water with a fish floating in it, given to him by his Nazi captors in a concentration camp during WWII. He trained himself see beauty in this meal, rather than focus on the horror of it. He attributed his ability to see beauty anywhere as a vital factor in surviving those horrific camps. He reminds us that if we focus on what’s ugly, we attract more ugliness into our lives. By choosing to hang on to one’s corner of freedom even in the worst situations, we can process our world with the energy of appreciation and beauty, and create an opportunity to transcend our circumstances”

So I kindly ask you to shift your perspective onto gratitude and appreciation – to remember that we are all going through this together, and if we can all just use this challenge as an opportunity to come together, to consciously show up, rise up, elevate, and reconnect with our true self, one another and Mother Earth , & to do this just one day at a time, I promise you that so much beauty and goodness will arise from this, as we raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness.

Thank you for listening, and speak soon.

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour


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