Episode 28 – STOP Blocking The Flow of Abundance by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hey soul-friends,

Welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. My name is Tannaz Hosseinpour and today I want to talk about Abundance. In one week, I will be releasing my free 21-Day guided journal on manifesting abundance, but I just realized that in order for abundance to enter in our lives – we first need to know the most important fundamental rule.

See, we all want to live a loving life, abundant in health, wealth, happiness and joy, however without even realizing it, our mind holds on to some beliefs that block the flow of abundance into our life. 

Let me start with an example – how many of you have experienced a similar situation where You’re an entrepreneur in a specific industry and someone comes to you and asks for advice on how to enter the same field as yours. For a split second, you hold back on helping them out. Your mind automatically enters into a fearful state and starts thinking, if I help them out and they become my competitor then it automatically means that I won’t have as much business. In that moment you are no longer thinking about the presence of business and opportunities but rather on the lack. In that moment, without even realizing it, you close the doors of abundance why? Because you forget one of the fundamental rues of abundance which is that there is an unlimited source of abundance in the world. No matter how many people tap into the field of unlimited abundance and opportunities, there is still unlimited abundance left. That is the definition of unlimited – never ending.

By forgetting this rule, we not only block the light and blessings from entering into our life, but we also prevent our soul from doing what it loves to do most – which is serving and sharing its wisdom.

There is unlimited abundance going around, and as long as your aligned and in tune with that abundant flow, you have access to it. But if you think hey if I help that person out, I’m going to have less – then you’re automatically going to have less, because you’ve already started focusing on lack. 

And this applies to all fields and industries. For example, as coaches, our intention is to always help people recognize how powerful they are. We collaborate with each other so more people become their best, truest, highest and most authentic versions of themselves. We want everyone to recognize their potential – why? Because if we don’t share our insights and tools, they won’t succeed – & when humanity is succeeding – we are succeeding. 

Or have you ever thought as to why millionaires and billionaires write books, create courses or seminars? Why are they sharing all their wisdom with people? Don’t they understand that by sharing their secrets it might mean that they’ll make less money as more people make more money? Absolutely not. That is not how they think. Because they understand how abundance work. They understand that no matter of how many of their tips, insights and secrets they share, their share of abundance does not get impacted.

I encourage you today, if you’ve been in a specific field for x amount of time, are you willing to share your insights with those that are just starting out? Are you willing to help others realize their potential in your own field? Or are you holding on to this mindset that there is only so much to go around and I don’t want to share that.

Imagine a world with is unlimited abundance to go around, & everyone recognizes this truth and taps into that field of unlimited opportunities, what happens? everyone has what they need – and everyone is growing – how wonderful is that?

What a beautiful world it can be – but that will only happen if you truly believe that abundance is unlimited.

Are you wiling to shift your mindset?

Are you ready to allow abundance into your life? If so, please visit http://www.minutesongrowth.com and sign up to receive your copy on May 1st 2020.

Thank you for listening, Speak soon.


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