Episode 35 – No AttrACTION without Action by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hey soul-friends,

It’s your host Tannaz Hosseinpour, and Welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth.

One of my favourite topics to talk about and do workshops on is decluttering the mind and manifesting. I believe that mastering the art of decluttering is one of the strongest foundations for personal development and growth. However, I’ve noticed that almost every single time I finish a talk on this topic, I get the same question at the end – the question is “I’ve stopped thinking negatively and I’ve been focusing on positive thoughts but I’m still not manifesting my desires”.

I understand this question so well — Growing up, I witnessed a lot people in my life be super positive but not be able to manifest their desires.

Let me ask you this – If you’re a student and you have an exam coming up – if all you do is ask the universe for good grades, and just meditate or feel relaxed – will you get a good grade? No. You cannot get good grades without actually putting in the work and studying.

Yes – asking the universe for good grades will plant the seed of intention into your subconscious. By saying it out Loud, you let the universe know that you feel deserving and worthy of it and it will boost your self confidence.

Yes – by meditating and feeling relaxed, your mind will be able to better absorb the information as its not in a state of fear. The more relaxed you are before and during the exam, the better you’ll do

But without the 3rd component – of actually showing up to study – chances are you won’t do that well.

So use this analogy with all your intentions and goals. Ask yourself, when you set a goal..

Are you showing up to your life every single day to the best of your ability? Your best can be different every single day – some days you might be on fire and supercharged – some days you might feel like you need a break – but as long as you SHOW UP to the best of YOUR ability- that all that matters. It’s important to SHOW UP & take action. The word action is in attraction – you can’t have one without the other.

Ask yourself, am I acknowledging the fears that I’m having right now — what baby steps can I take towards the ones that I do have control over?

If I want to make x amount of money, and I’ve set the intention and I’ve surrendered it to the universe, and I walk with faith and trust — am I actually showing up to my life by taking action? am I working on my skills? am I open to opportunities? am I willing to listen to the universe when it is speaking to me through family/friends and random coincidences.

If I want to become fit and healthy, am I mindful of my eating habits? Am I trying to put in 30 minutes of movement every day? Am I drinking enough water?

If I want to attract ” the one”, am I working on becoming an embodiment of my desires by working on my personality traits – am I putting myself out there? am I open to meeting my significant other online? and so on..

So if you’re listening to this episode, I kindly ask that today, just for today, you show up to your own life to the best of your ability. and you keep doing this , day after day. Stop waiting – stop procrastinating – stop asking the world for permission – you are the author of your own life! You can attract the life of your dreams – you just need to take action – consistently – one step at a time.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.


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