Episode 39 – The Power of Pause by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends, welcome to another solo episode of Minutes on Growth. A couple of weeks ago, as I was navigating through a bubble of confusion, I felt a sudden urge to reach out to my spiritual mentor at the Kabbalah centre. He informed me that the foundational course Kabbalah 1 for the first time ever was taking place online, being taught by Marcus Weston and that it was starting within 2 hours. Could that have been a coincidence? I don’t think so. I took this as an immediate sign from the universe to enrol in this transformational program once again(for the third time I must add), to remind myself of all the practical tools that I can use in my day to day life to enhance not only the quality of my life, but my overall state of consciousness. I have spent the past 8 weeks, signing in for an hour a week listening to my teacher remind us of how magical life is. Reminding us that nothing is a coincidence and that everything is divinely orchestrated. He’s been reminding us that every challenge that comes up in our life is an opportunity for us to grow from. We always have the choice to either respond with awareness and to use that challenge for our highest vision, or to allow the ego to keep us stagnant and stuck in old patterns.

Last week, even though my course has not finished yet, I decided to enrol in the second Kabbalah 1 class taught by another teacher , the amazing David Ghiyam, that is taking place online , because while the material is the same, there is a major difference in the way teachers explain them, and there is always something new to learn. There is an abundance of wisdom that is being shared through different people all the time. & I was not wrong. On the first day of class, David reminded me of a practical tool that I often times forget about. The power of Pause. In Kabbalah, we’re taught that the only way we can move forward is by not reacting. When we react, it is our ego that is narrating the story. It is our goal to silence and transcend the ego, & to allow for the soul and the light to shine.

So in other words, whenever we’re feeling doubt, anger or lack and we’re triggered, and we want to react a certain way, we PAUSE instead. Once we’ve paused, we need to rejoice in our pause. We need to let the universe know that we are happy to pause. Some argue that this is similar to suppressing your emotions or bottling it up. But it’s not. When a situation arises that triggers us, when a challenge arises, we want to pause, we want to express our pleasure in the pause because we know that this challenge means that our soul is READY to transcend to the next level. This is a test from the universe to see if we’re ready to grow. If we pause, and allow the light, god, source, energy to guide us, we evolve. If however, the ego reacts, we stay in the same situation, and the pattern once again continues. Every challenge is an opportunity. Every single challenge.

Is pausing easy? not really, but it’s important that we try. No matter how many times we fail by reacting, we allow ourself to try again. Our purpose in life is to evolve. Our purpose in life is to leave it better than how we entered it. If you’re listening to this episode, I know that you believe this too.

I want to add that all that I just said is simply my perspective. Is it 100% right? Probably not. No one’s perspective is 100% right, it’s simply their perspective. But let me ask you think, what world would you rather live in? In a world where challenges are perceived as opportunities for growth or in a world where challenges push you into a victimhood consciousness – where you believe that the universe is punishing you or that you’re not worthy of lets say a quote on quote easy life? I choose to be in the first category because the first belief empowers me to grow.

So today, just for today, are you wiling to shift your perspective to look at every challenge through a new light? Are you willing to silence the ego to allow the light to come in? Are you willing to not react and simply pause?

Thank you for listening, Speak soon.


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