Episode 66 – Living in Heaven or Hell?

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Hi Soul-friends,

Its Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Last night I had a dream that one of my family members had passed away. Thankfully, in the Persian culture, we believe that dreams of people passing away means that they’re going to live a long life. But it got me thinking about the idea of heaven and hell from a spiritual and non-religious standpoint

In my opinion, we experience both heaven and hell numerous times every single day. What is fear? it is merely the absence of love. So in the moments that we’re feeling joy, gratitude, love, we’re walking in the garden of heaven. In the moments that we’re feeling jealousy, fear, hate, we’re being dragged in the dark halls of hell.

Think about it, when we’re in a state of bliss, we breathe slowly & deeply however, when we’re in a state of hate, how does our nervous system react? our sympathetic nervous system is activated – we start to get tense — our blood pressure goes up — our body literally enters a state of fight or flight.

In that moment when the absence of love takes over our mind, body, and soul, we energetically disconnect ourselves from the powerful universal force of humanity, from love, from oneness. We create this illusion of separation. It becomes a story of me vs you, me against the world, a story that leaves us feeling alone, abandoned, unsupported. We allow ourselves to be dragged into the darkness.

& nothing grows in darkness. In fact, the ultimate definition of hell is when at our last breathe, as our eyes close to eternal darkness, we have one last vision: the person we are looks into the eyes the person we could’ve been. In that moment, we’re filled with regret of not living life fully to the best of our ability, regret of allowing fear and doubt to control the narrative more times than one, regret of not choosing love out of fear of being vulnerable, regret of not pursuing our desires, regret of unfulfilled potential and as Dr Wayne Dyer would say “dying with our music still in us”

I know, all this might sound morbid but the good news is that we live in an abundant world of free will and opportunities- With every breathe, we are given a new chance, a new life. We are given a new opportunity to do better, to think better, to be better. We are given the opportunity to choose differently – to choose what serves our highest good, as well as the highest good for all.

In every moment, you can choose to look at your body and thank it for allowing you to walk, to talk, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch.. or you can look at your body and judge it for not being quote on quote perfect.

In every moment, you can choose to look into a beggar’s eyes and see a part of yourself in them or to look into their eyes and allow your ego to create a sense of separation, an illusive sense of “I am better than you”

In every moment, you can choose to thank the universe, god, creator, whatever you’d like to call this higher source for all the blessings in your life, or you can choose to complain and fixate on what is missing and lacking in your life.

In every moment, you can choose to look at your challenges as opportunities for growth, or you can choose to label yourself as unworthy of an abundant life or even unlucky.

In every moment you can choose to take inspired actions towards your desires or you can give up and declare yourself a victim of your past circumstances.

In every moment you can choose to entertain thoughts that lift your soul or choose to allow your inner critic fill your mind with limiting thoughts.

In every moment you can choose to suppress your past unresolved trauma and allow it to impact your present moment, or you can choose to process them and heal so that you can move on without any weights on your shoulder holding you down.

In every moment, you can choose to take things personally or you can choose to realize that people’s actions and behaviours rarely have anything to do with you.

In every moment, you can choose to make assumptions, assumptions that hurt ourselves, or you can choose to create space for nonjudgmental clarity.

You see in every moment, we have a choice: to walk in the garden of heaven or to be dragged in the dark hallways of hell.

In every moment, we have a choice to either choose love and fulfillment, or fear and regret.

The choice is always ours.

The choice is always yours.

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon.

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