Episode 70 – Energetic Piggy Bank by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-friends, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Today I want to discuss a very important spiritual concept that I like to call the Energetic Piggy Bank

You see, at every given moment, our thoughts and actions carry a certain level of energy. To avoid self-judgment, instead of labelling them as good or bad, let us distinguish each thought and action as either empowering or limiting. Thoughts and actions that are rooted from love, are empowering, and hold a higher positive value, and those that are rooted in fear and the separation of love are limiting and hold a negative value – mathematically speaking, their negative value cancels out the positive ones.

We wake up every morning with 0 energy in our Piggy bank. A clean slate. An opportunity for a new fresh start. From the moment that we open our eyes, to the moment that we fall asleep, the energy levels in our piggy bank will go up and down, depending on our own conscious and subconscious behaviours.

Let’s look at some examples of these behaviours

We see a random person on the street, and send them a silent blessing. Chi Ching, insert empowering positive energy into the piggy bank

We see someone wearing something that we don’t like and we start to ridicule or judge them. Chi Ching, with the negative value of the limiting belief, we’ve just lost energy from the piggy bank

We’re at the grocery store, and the teller isn’t friendly with us. Instead of taking it personally, we pause, and send her love instead, understanding that she’s probably just tired. Chi Ching, insert empowering positive energy into the piggy bank

Our partner leaves his clothes scattered around the house. Instead of addressing the situation, which is the dirty clothes, we attack our partner’s character and call him mean names. Chi Ching, with the negative value of the limiting belief, we’ve just lost energy from the piggy bank

We go on social media or switch on the news, and hear someone share opposing views. Instead of calling them names, we pause, and realize that we all have free will to our own opinions. We can respect people without having to agree with them. That restriction and surrender of control, just scored us some positive points.

We see someone buy the car we love or someone move into the house we’ve had on our vision boards for years. Instead of believing that it’s possible for us too, we allow our mindset of lack and scarcity trick us into thinking that we’re unlucky or that god doesn’t want us to be abundant. Chi Ching, another negative value, & energy lost from the piggy bank

By the time we go to bed, our piggy bank might either be in the positive or negative depending on how we reacted to the outside world. Remember, we have zero control over the outside world, but 100 percent control over our internal world, and our reactions impact the piggy bank.

So why are we even discussing the universal energetic bank? why is it even important for us to be conscious of what we deposit inside of it? Well One of the 12 universal laws, called the Law of Cause and Effect is the law that highlights the direct relation between actions and events. The energy we put out there is extremely powerful because ultimately it impacts what comes back to us. Side note, It’s important to note that what you put out there may not come back to you in that moment, but that vibration, that energy you put out there, has a ripple effect.

So knowing how this universal law operates – we want to set an intention to keep the piggy back full with empowering positive energy, after all we all want positive energy to come back to us.

The examples above showed us that throughout one day, we experience endless situations that can either get us closer to the light, or further away from it.

so soul-friend, take a moment and ask yourself, whats the energy level in your piggy bank right now? what changes can you make in your beliefs, habits, actions, and thoughts that can shift the levels for you? no judgment, no guilt… simple awareness and intention.

Before I end this episode, I hope you recognize the power of your presence on this planet. Your presence is so powerful. Your presence impacts billions of others energetically even if you cant see it.. You truly are an extension of source

Sending you lots of love,

Speak soon.


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