Episode 72 – Embracing Gossip by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends, it’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. This week, I was to briefly talk about a powerful spiritual mindset shift around gossip. You might be reading the podcast title, Embracing Gossip, and be thinking how is anyone ever meant to embrace gossip? Well I’d like to explain…

A few weeks ago, after hearing some gossip spreading about my personal life, my inner critic Blaire immediately wanted to get reactive and jump into the “why me” narrative, but I decided to consciously pause instead. During that pause I was quickly reminded of an extremely important spiritual concept that helped me reframe and rethink the situation.

First of all, what others think of me is none of my business. 

But secondly, there is a spiritual concept that says every single time we gossip or spread a rumour, what we’re ultimately doing is spreading negative energy that is going to come back to us . We reap what we sow.

Gossiping doesn’t hurt the other person, it just hurts us

& more importantly, when we spread gossip and we allow negative words to come out of our mouth, what it actually does is it cleanses the other person’s negative energy!!

So for example, If I’m gossiping about someone, and negative words leave my mouth, since energy attracts its likeness, my negative words will attract the other person’s negativity, and will attach to it. So now, I have more negativity within me, and the person I’ve gossiped about has LESS.

So in that moment, in that intentional pause, I smiled 🙂

What a blessing!

These people speaking badly about me is not only cleansing my negative energy, but also by doing so is making space for more light and blessings to enter my life!

So that’s what the podcast title means.. Rethinking the way we look at gossip and rumours…

Now before I end the episode, I want to address some common questions that tend to come up around this topic

Question 1: What about my reputation?
From a spiritual perspective, The reputation is just an illusion of the ego. What Suzy says of sally, says more about Suzy than sally. When we feel hurt over our reputation, it’s our ego feeling hurt that the narrative is no longer in the ego’s control and that we’re no longer perceived as “perfect”.

Question 2: What if I didn’t have bad intentions when I gossiped? harmless gossip
There is an old story that I love sharing. One day a man hears a rumour about someone in his town. He quickly runs over to his mentor and lets him know that he has heard something terrible about a member of the community. His mentor stops him mid conversation and hands over a feathered pillow. He walks him outside the house and asks him to open the pillow. Suddenly feathers start flying in the air, each going in different directions. In that moment, his mentor reminds him, that when we open our mouth, we do not control where our words end up. They can fly into different places.

So When we speak badly about someone, even if our intention isn’t bad, the moment the word leaves our mouth, we cannot control where it goes or how it’s perceived. The word can be manipulated to mean something different or it can be added on and turned into something bigger, but since we started it; the burden of it falls on us and that’s why negativity comes back to us.

Question 3: How does someone’s gossip cleanse my negative energy?
Energetically, The universe is balanced. When someone sends negativity our way, the universe sends us positive ones. Since energy is never lost just transferred , and since like attracts like, the old negative energy that was within us gets sent to the person who is emitting it to us now. 

So this is why shifting our mindset around gossip is so important.

These small tips when practiced regularly significantly increase the quality of our experience of reality…  & you soul-friend deserve to create & have the best experience!

So the next time you find out someone’s been spreading rumours about you, just pause and smile… they’re literally doing the hard work for you, cleansing you of all the negativity that you want to get rid of…so that you can make space for blessings to come.

Remember, the moment we stop fighting something and start to embrace it instead, it loses all its power over us.. and that is the ultimate inner freedom we need that will allow us to rise to our highest self.

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon


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