Episode 101 – The Deeper Meaning Behind Conscious Manifestation

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Hi soul-friends

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. My intention with this podcast is to create a space where we discuss a wide range of topics related to self-improvement, such as relationships, conscious entrepreneurship, mindset work, spirituality and manifesting. On a poll I recently did on my instagram @MinutesOnGrowth, I was asked to speak a bit more on manifesting on the podcast, so I thought I would dedicate this episode to diving deeper into the manifestation process and answering some of the questions that might have come up for you. If you’re interested in the art of manifesting, I have many other episodes, but the most recent ones would be episode 95 where I break down the 5 steps to manifesting, episode 94 where I discuss the dos and don’t of manifesting, and episode 93 where I discuss how the inner critic shows up during the process of conscious manifestation. I also have a free 90 minute manifestation masterclass where I discuss all of the above and more: the 5 steps to manifesting, the dos and don’t of manifesting, the 12 universal laws, the concept of embodiment, and why doing mindset work is an important part in the process of conscious manifestation. I highly recommend everyone to check out the notes part of this episode to get the replay link and to rewatch it as many times as they can since our subconscious mind rewires through repetition.

Now today, I want to dive deeper into a question that keeps coming up at the end of all my seminars and that is : if I have no control over external events, then what is the point of the whole manifestation process?

Well before we even begin talking about manifestation, I want to say that the reason we don’t have control over external events if because there are 7 billion souls on this planet, therefore the events that are taking place are not as a result of a singular consciousness but rather the collective consciousness. to assume that the whole world revolves around one person and therefore life events are specific to one person would mean dismissing all the other players, their actions, their thoughts, their dharmas.

that said, When we’re born, our soul enters the physical realm with a set of unique talents, passions and gifts. in other words, our soul has its own blueprint. Based on that blueprint, based on the stories it needs to unravel and the problems it needs to solve, it will choose an environment that will push it into that direction. This concept of our soul choosing our family or our life story is a deeper spiritual concept that I will dive into in later episodes, but for now, lets bring our attention to the idea that the soul already knows what it wants to create and what desires will spark joy within it.

So as we grow up, we start to develop a list of desires that we think will make us happy, that we think will bring us a sense of fulfillment. Now the part that is important to note is that this list is not completely our list. most of the time, many desires are desires that we have been conditioned by society to have. we’ve either seen celebrities have them and our mind has made a mental deduction that if I have that, then I’ll look the way my favourite celebrity looks or ill smile and laugh like them. sometimes, we’ve heard our parents and our caregivers make statements such as “you know you’ve made it when you have x y z.” or “if you want to have a a good life, you need to do and have x y and z”

So the first part of conscious manifestation is reflecting on the list that we have in front of us. what desires belong to me? and what desires belong to others? which desires will bring me true authentic joy and which desires will simply be another tick that I get to put to make my ego feel accomplished?

now the part I love is that the desires that belong to you and your true happiness, were already pre determined by your soul and therefore the universe has already put it aside for you. All that is awaiting for its arrival into the physical realm is you engaging in the process of conscious manifestation. and the reason for this is the concept of free will. the universe cannot give to us that we we have not declared a desire for, even when its for our highest good. so the moment we take the first step, we have expressed to the universe, our willingness to open the portal, to clear the vessel within us to enter into receiving mode. that is the moment that the soul, mind and heart are aligned and have come to the same understanding to that which serves our highest good and the good of all, and that is exactly what the state of flow is. the state where this alignment has taken place and the universe can provide us with what it already had in store for us.

so to simplify what I just said, the process of conscious manifestation is the process of opening ourselves to the blessings that our soul and the universe agreed up before our arrival to the physical realm. and since we are co-creators and since we have free will, the universe is asking us to do the work as a form of giving permission to the universe to gift us with these miracles.

now 2 questions that also tend to come up are

1- why do certain desires never get manifested?

2- is there a limit to how many blessings we can manifest?

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I like to keep the episodes short so I’ll stop here and will answer these questions in later episodes.

In the meantime, I hope that by hearing this, your soul is reminded of its purpose, of its goal, and your mind and body tap into the courage that you already have within you, to awaken to and allow all the blessings that are for you to flow to you and through you with ease and grace.

and before I forget … if you feel ready to manifest love, then I’m so excited to let you know that my dear friend and yogi, Arezu and I will be starting a 28 day group coaching program literally on this topic. Not only will I be sharing so many manifestation tools with you every week, but there’s going to be a daily kundalini meditation practice included, and a what’s app group to provide you with guidance, cultivate a sense of community and sisterhood hold you on all accountable as we bring in miracles. I will leave the details for you in the show notes, or you can check out my instagram page @minutesongrowth to find out how you can join this life transforming, soul expansive program and you won’t even believe how affordable we’ve made it. so check that out and If you have any questions, reach out to me.

until then,

sending you lots of love,

speak soon


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