Episode 94 – The Dos & Don’ts of Manifesting by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Last episode, we started our manifestation podcast series by introducing the inner critic, the role it plays in our life and how important it is for us to declutter what no longer serves us, especially our limiting thoughts, opinions, perceptions and beliefs.

This week, I want to briefly talk about the Dos and Donts of manifesting.

Let’s start with the destination addict. this sounds like when I get over there, I will feel this way. When I get x, I’ll be happy. When I find my perfect partner, I’ll do x y or z. This type of thinking robs us of a few things. firstly, we’re always in the future, and rarely ever in the present moment. we’re not able to appreciate the now in anticipation of what could possibly happen tomorrow. when we’re consciously manifesting, it’s important that we embody the feeling that we’ll get once we manifest that certain experience.. in the now. meaning if I make the statement that I’ll wake up at 8 am feeling joyous once I get my dream job, to be able to embody that morning joy now that im unemployed, or now that I’m working at a firm that I don’t particularly enjoy. because like attracts like, embodying those feelings in the present moment will expedite our manifesting process.

The second point to consider is our mind’s relationship with the concept of negatives. Our mind cannot comprehend negative statements. Meaning If I say “dont think of a big elephant, don’t think of a big elephant.. guess what you’re going to be thinking of? a big elephant. your mind did not process the “don’t” part. so it’s important to keep this in mind when we’re creating affirmations or entertaining thoughts. I dont want to have debt is going to place our minds focus on debt.. whereas my bank statement is always in the positive focuses on the presence of money.

Which brings us to our third point..you cannot attract something if you’re focusing on the lack of it . You cannot create abundance if you’re focusing on the lack of it. the moment we say we want love, we’re hinting that we’re lacking love. ever heard someone say “when I’m single no one is interested in me. the moment I’m in a relationship everyone wants me”. its because the moment you’re in a relationship, you’re no longer feeling that lack. energetically you’ve shifted, and again like attracts like. that’s why embodiment plays such a major role in the manifestation process. once we start to embody that which we want to manifest, we attract with much more ease.

Now speaking of thoughts, it’s important to note the 17 seconds rule. Research shows that if we focus on a thought for 17 seconds, it gains momentum. knowing this we can set a conscious intention to intercept limiting thoughts sooner rather than later.

the next point to remember is the importance of flexibility. Be Flexible: Do not get attached to a specific outcome or want things to happen on a particular timeline. remember when we’re consciously manifesting the when and the how isn’t up to us. we’re only in charge of showing up to the best of our ability. more importantly, we see life through a limited 3D perception whereas the universe has a much more expansive 5D Vision so controlling outcomes to get just what you want isn’t the goal – Receiving what is the highest good for all is the plan, and that is always the universe’s plan.

Next, Look for fun – Joy has a high vibrational frequency and we’re meant to have fun in life. Remember how much you loved to play as a kid, rekindle that flame as an adult. Every moment of your life can be filled with joyful experiences if you allow it. When you go to the grocery store, smile more often to strangers, Crack more jokes with your friends, plan more outings, watch more comedies.

Lastly, see the signs. One of the best ways to know whether you’re manifesting something it when you see someone else manifest it first. In those moments you have a choice, to either get jealous or mad that it hasn’t happened for you yet or to see it as a sign from the universe that its on its way for you. When you see someone manifest that you desire, Bless the person for the sign. and if you see someone manifest something and it triggers a feeling a jealousy for you, bless them again.. this time for the stimulation that he is evoking.. because it holds within it the awareness of the desire that is strong within you. We’re rarely ever jealous of what we don’t want.. so envision and imagine it happening for you… feel the feelings associated to it and pretend that it has already happened, because in the metaphysical world, it already has and that is why we always end prayer with “& so it is”.

So these soul-friends are some of the Dos and Donts to consider when consciously manifesting.

Next week, we will dive into the 5 clear steps to conscious manifesting.

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be hosting a manifestation retreat this summer in Mykonos from august 5th to the 9th in the most beautiful private villa overlooking the sea, where I’m going to be diving deep into this decluttering process and helping the attendees really become aware of what it is that they would like to let go of, and what it is that they’d like to start experiencing in their reality. there’s more information on my website http://www.minutesongrowth.com or you can reach out to me directly on social media for more information.

Remember, you have a choice when it comes to your experience of reality so if you can imagine it, then you can definitely achieve it.

Sending you lots of love,

Speak soon


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