Episode 95 – The 5 Steps to Manifesting by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. I apologize for the delay in releasing this episode. Arezu and I just wrapped up hosting an amazing manifestation retreat in Mykonos, Greece where we spent 5 days diving deep the subconscious mind and into all things related to the art of manifestation! it was truly magical watching the girls learn about and use the tools to manifest their desires, and since the they’ve been updating us on their successes! I’ve documented the highlights on my social media page so do check it out if you’re interested in learning more about our retreats. Coming back to our topic, we started our manifestation podcast series by introducing the inner critic, the role it plays in our life and how important it is for us to declutter what no longer serves us, especially our limiting thoughts, opinions, perceptions and beliefs so that we can create room for that which does serves us, and then last episode we focused on the dos and donts of manifesting.

This episode I want to break down the 5 steps to manifesting that I’ve used over and over again to consciously manifest my dreams with ease and grace. Now just a reminder, that we’re manifesting 24/7, whether we’re conscious of it or not, so the steps that I’m referring to are steps for conscious manifesting – meaning that instead of manifesting on auto pilot mode, we are manifesting with an intention in mind.

So let’s begin.. the first step is to gain clarity. It’s super important to have clarity over what it is that you truly want – you might be thinking that this step is a given, but you’d be surprised as to how many people pursue dreams that don’t belong to them.. they pursue their parents or society’s dreams instead of their own… and when a desire doesn’t truly stem from us, the chances of us being disciplined and driven with it significantly drops. When we have clarity, we know the destination on our metaphorical map. Here are some journal prompts for you to reflect on

  • What do I NOT want?
  • If failure was not an option, what would I do?
  • If I had unlimited money and resources, how would I spend my time?
  • What vision makes my heart smile?
  • What is the universe’s vision for my life?  Who am I meant to be?

Once you have some answers, I want you to put on your detective hat and see how the answers feel in your body. Our bodies are super intuitive, and while our mind can trick us into thinking that a desire belongs to us, the body is our go to when seeking confirmation. So write down a list of everything that you desire and then ask yourself Why?

Visualize It / Sense it / Does it bring you happiness? How does the desire feel in your body ? Does it spark joy? fear? Does it feel expansive or limiting?

Does this desire make you feel inspired to serve others? when we’re consciously manifesting, we want to make sure that the desire serves the highest good of all.. and that is why the element of serving must be present.

& If it truly belongs to you.. and feels good in your body, then how willing are you to make it happen?

Remember, the human mind bases desires on past experiences. Don’t focus on what is and what is not possible, just strive for your desire

Once we have clarity over our desires, the second step is to simply ask. The old saying is ask and it is given. The same applies here. Because of the concept of free will, the universe cannot grant us that which we’re seeking unless we’ve expressed our desire for it. In this step, it’s important to ask with certainty, meaning that when you’re expressing your desire, to have full certainty that if it is for the highest good of all, that the universe will assist you in consciously manifesting it into the physical realm. one thing to remember is that when we’re asking, we want to be asking from a place of present and not from lack. the universe speaks in energy, so if we’re coming from a place of reactivity and lack, the universe will mirror that energy. to give you a practical example, if you want to manifest more money into your account, you need to shift your money mindset first, and ensure you’re not operating from a scarcity mindset, but rather an abundance mindset.

Side note: if a desire exists within you, its meant to be manifested through you, so trust the presence of the desire. it has a purpose. once you trust that the desire is meant for you, then the chances of you accepting it as do-able increases, and for manifesting to work, you need to expand your mind to truly believing that you CAN have it.

once we have clarity over our desires, and we’ve asked for them – the third step is to surrender and practice having certainty. this is what we call a spiritual release, meaning that we recognize that we are co-creators with the universe and not sole creators. we want to walk in trust and certainty, that the universe is always working on our behalf. we want to trust that the universe supports us and has our back. More importantly, it’s super important to surrender because when we try to control or manipulate our manifestations, our energy becomes frantic and needy, and as mentioned in the previous step, we want to be coming from an energetic space of trust, calmness and presence. A tip to help you practice surrender more is to remember that there are 4 levels of consciousness when experiencing reality. the first is that the world is happening to me.. this is victimhood consciousness. the second is that the world is happening for me.. meaning everything that is happening is happening for my highest good, the third and fourth are life is happening as me and through me. I want you to focus on the second one: life is happening for me. whenever a perceived challenge comes up, and there will always be challenges along the way, remember that life is happening for you. try to pause, to shift your perspective and to see the light instead – to see solutions where you would usually see problems, to see the light, where you would usually see darkness.. one of my favourite cabalistic tools is the concept of pause what a pleasure. whenever a situation arises, I always pause and say out loud.. what a pleasure. that pause allows me enough space and time to shift the way I’m seeing things and to return to a place of surrender and trust.

once we’ve surrendered, then the fourth step is to take inspired action. when the book the secret came out , everyone was a little bit confused as to how the manifestation process works.. so we just think good thoughts and things will come to us? many tried it out and were disappointed when it didn’t work out and the reason is that the movie didn’t dive into this 4th step… which is taking action. the word attraction literally has the word action in it! meaning we need to put in effort for that we wish to bring into the physical realm and we do that by showing up tot he best our ability every single day. now our best might look different everyday depending on our mental and physical health, but the goal here is to be honest with ourselves and show up honestly to what that limit looks like. we also take action by practicing self love, meaning that we build daily habits and routines that serve our mind, body and soul. for example my incorporating daily meditation, yoga, grounding, orfnaling, breath work, reading, exercising into our day… remember, the quickest way to alter your mental state is by changing our physiological state – so when we move our body, we’re getting our mind ready to show up and perform to the best of its ability. we also take inspired action by practicing gratitude, and focusing on what we do have so we can attract more of it into our present moment. Lastly, we want to ensure that we’re surrounding ourself with people who believe in us and our dreams and that best way to do that is to surround yourself with people who have already manifested that which you want to attract. when we surround ourself with people who have normalized our desires, it is much easier for our mind to believe that It is probable for us to have it too… and if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

the fifth and final step is to practice embodying that which we want to manifest. take a moment to ask yourself how your life will change once your desire comes to life. then ask yourself how you’re going to show up to your life once it does… how will you walk? talk? think? act?… the practice of embodiment is to mirror and embody that future self.. In the present moment, in the now. have you ever heard someone say once I get this, ill do x y and z… embodiment is practicing x y and z before you get it.. its all about embodying your higher self in the moment, as if that which you want to manifest has already happened and you’re super grateful for it.. because guess what, in the metaphysical realm it already has. I’d like to just take a moment and remind you that embodying your highest self or practicing gratitude does not mean that you suppress any emotion that isn’t joy. It is super important to feel every emotion that arises in you, because they’re all messengers that can give us insight into our inner state, but the goal is to not get attached to them or identify with them. we want to feel our feelings and let them flow through us.. as what we resist persists, so embodiment is all about being a clear channel for emotions to flow through you.. once that channel is clear, then creativity can flow through you with more ease and grace and the manifestation process feels smoother.

I hope that you’ve found these 5 steps useful and that you utilize them in consciously manifesting your desires. I want to leave you soul-friends with this reminder. we are vibration beings, so its imperative for us to become vibrationally aligned with that which we want to manifest.

To you manifesting all that serves your good and the highest good of all,

thank you for listening,

speak soon


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