Episode 99 – Evil Eye

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Hi Soul-friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. A few days ago, one of my friends was talking to me about some challenges he was experiencing in his work life. He kept repeating the words “It seems as if someone has given me the evil eye”

This wasn’t the first time I heard someone blame life’s circumstances on evil eye. So I thought I’d record this episode to shed some light on the concept from a spiritual perspective.

Often times, people say, be careful what you share and present to the universe because you never know how people will feel towards you and if they’re jealous, they can send negative vibes towards you and you can lose it all.

But as I’ve said before, our experience of reality is based on beliefs, thoughts , opinions and perceptions… and that perception does not feel empowering.. its extremely fear based.. so whats an alternative perspective we can take?

First of all, sometimes life happens, and we can’t control external circumstances. sometimes the car breaks down because we simply forgot to take it to service on time.

But besides the fact that most of life’s circumstances are outside of control… there is another part to it too… and the trail leads us back to … ourselves.

We are always responsible for the energy that we give out.. and therefore, in accordance to the rule of karma.. reaping what we sow.. we therefore are responsible for the energy that comes back to us as well..

So let’s take a deeper look at this

What happens when we pass judgment on to others? From a spiritual perspective, every time we judge someone, we remove a piece of negative energy from their bodies and load it onto ours.

I am now holding on to someone else’s negative energy because I passed judgment onto them. It got mirrored back to me.

The same applies when we curse the person who just cut us off in traffic – I’m not cursing at them, I’m cursing at me..

or when we choose to engage in gossip

or when we see someone have something that we want, and instead of being inspired by it, we spread rumours to make ourselves feel better

or when we intentionally break someone’s heart.. that ill intention creates negativity that stays with us…

in every single one of these incidents, we are not only building up negative energy within ourselves, but were also taking on negative energy from the person who we’re judging or hurting… so now we have two sets of negative energy coming together.. increasing in size…imagine this big ball of black light that keeps growing.. that is following us wherever we go… impacting our experience of reality… because ultimately our energetic vibration matters.

therefore evil eye is just judgmental energy that we’ve sent out into the universe that is coming back to us.

I know.. some of you might be thinking “what!” .. and honestly this concept is one that took me a while to understand, because of the amount of accountability it holds within in, but the more I sat with it the more I noticed the pattern.. when you’re coming from a place of sharing, understanding, compassion, patience and love, the universe seems to mirror it back to you, and you have a better day… but when you engage in the pattern of gossiping, spreading rumours, being impatient, not restricting your reactions.. you’ll notice that nothing seems to go your way

so evil eye isn’t someone sending negative energy our way.. but rather evil eye is the culmination of negative energy that we’ve amassed onto ourselves every time we’ve engaged in behaviour that goes against our true core nature of love.

& if you’re wondering.. its not possible to always be in that state.. I agree. whether we’re aware of it or not, there are moments when we take the other path… so how can we u turn our way back? by offsetting it with intentional acts of goodness.. by helping those in needs, whether its by donating our resources, our time, our energy… by spreading love, especially to those who need it… or by taking accountability of our life, acceptance creates miracles… by contributing to our society for example when we show up and do the best at work, we’re creating light because we’re being intentional with our presence and the impact it has on people… or by pausing and restricting ourselves.. every single time, we pause and stop ourselves from saying something mean or hurtful, we change the scales.

So I know this is a lot but I hope that this alternative perspective that I’m sharing helps you not only feel more in control over the energy thats surrounding you but also help remind you that no one in this world has that much power to send pain your way – you get to decide how protected you feel in this world.

Thank you for listening,

speak soon.


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