Mind-Body Relationship

One of the first topics we learn about when studying meditation and yoga is the mind-body relationship. To summarize:

Each chakra corresponds to a specific nervous plexus, or cluster, of ganglionic neurons along the spinal cord pathway.

In the chakra system, these energy centres are the control nucleus of various body systems, similar to the western anatomy model.



Every move the body makes is relayed to the nervous system via the nerves, and according to the messages received in the brain or nervous centers (chakras), an appropriate response is then sent via motor nerves to the parts of the body resulting in subsequent action. In a nutshell, the central nervous system is always kept informed of all that is happening to and in the body.

Because of this relationship, it is very important to keep in mind the power of your mind and thoughts, as it can physically impact your body.

Easy steps you can take to enhance the level of your energy centres:

  • Make sure your space/environment is clean and organized
  • Write down positive affirmations and stick them around your house/office
  • Remove any items from your surroundings that trigger negative emotions such as anger, guilt or jealousy
  • Make a conscious decision to eat healthier meals, so you do not feel guilt afterwards
  • Be mindful of how your body feels when around certain people or places. Try to place yourself in situations where your energy level is highest.


By Tannaz Hp




Published by Minutes On Growth

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