Episode 1 – Commitment Issues

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Hello everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour, and welcome to Weekly Minutes For Growth. Every week, for a few minutes, i will be discussing a topic of importance aimed at contributing to the development of both our work and personal lives. This week, we’ll be discussing commitment. A few months ago, I found myself in a situation where a few of my friends kept making plans with me only to cancel them last minute. Frustrated and quite frankly angry, I decided to seek the advice of my spiritual teacher. I am a firm believer that everything in life occurs to teach us a lesson. However, i couldn’t quite put my finger on what these cancellations meant. As soon as I explained the situation, my teacher responded ” Well they’re cancelling on you because you have commitment issues!”. My ego quickly responded ” but i never cancel any of my plans. i make an effort to always show up. I’m committed in my relationship and committed to my work”. To which my teacher responded ” how many times have you promised yourself you’ll go back to the gym and re start your work out regimen.” and that is when it hit me. All these events were happening to teach me the importance of committing to a plan, any and all plans, and all these external events would not stop until I applied the same logic to my own life, to every aspect of my own life. Ever since, I am much more mindful of my commitments and promises. So ask yourself this,  is any aspect of your life lacking commitment? If so, why is it happening and what can you do to change it? Because everyone and everything around us is there to help us grow. So how can their display of a lack of commitment help us fix ours?

Thank you for listening- Let me know what you think! Looking forward to next week’s discussion.

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour



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