Episode 97 – How to Follow Through with New Year Resolutions

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Hi Soul friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome back to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. We are officially in 2023. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t believe how quickly time passes by. I’m still writing down the date as 2022 during my sessions. Anyways, with every new year, comes a new list of resolutions, experiences we want to have, feelings we want to feel, places we want to go to, people we want to meet.

At first we’re so excited about our lists and we’re committed to them wholeheartedly but as time passes by, that excitement starts to dwindle… in fact did you know that on average only 9 to 12 percent of people keep their New Years resolutions?

why do you think that is…

for starters, many of the things we write down on our list are desires that don’t even belong to us. they are desires we have been conditioned to think we want – whether its been passed on to us by our parents, our friends, or our community.

another reason we give up is the lack of discipline we have. many depend on motivation to get them through but motivation ebbs and flows – discipline is what we need to ensure that we stick through- its the value of integrity – holding our promise to ourselves. many struggle with discipline, myself included so we need to be super honest with ourselves and ask ourselves what systems we need to have in place for success. for example, I’m not shy to admit that that I struggle with discipline when it comes to my fitness, so at the beginning of the month, I make sure that I budget my expenses in a way that allows me to have a trainer who can hold me accountable, and then I create systems for my other desires. For example I created a book club because I knew it was a system that would ensure I read as many books as I desire. so remember that discipline trumps motivation.. in fact discipline activates our motivation tank.

another reason that New Years resolutions get forgotten about is because we focus so much on the overall desire and not as much on the feeling we want to feel during the journey there. when a client of mine tells me they want to manifest something, I spend a lot of time guiding them through a reflective journey on how they think they will feel once they get it and more importantly how they want to feel every step of the way. why? because the destination might change.. sometimes our desires change throughout time.. they get more refined or they change all together … so if we’re so fixated on that desire and not as much on the feeling of the desire, once these changes take place, we might give up… for example, I had a client who wanted to get a promotion at work. she really wanted to be the director of marketing at the company… at first she said she wanted it to make more money but after looking at her why deeply, she recognized that the desire was rooted in 2 things: she wanted to be in a position that allowed her to have more influence, to feel useful, to feel as if she is truly cultivating her passions and talents. We set an intention to focus on the feelings she wanted to feel and guess what.. in a couple of months she got a job offer from another firm.. not for the position of director of marketing, but a position at a start up that allowed her more space and flexibility to nurture her creative gifts and the bonus part? she received a salary bump too! if she wasn’t flexible and was too fixated on becoming the director at her old firm, she would have not been open to even considering another offer, and there was a high chance that she wouldn’t feel the feeling of fulfillment once she had manifested it either.

Lastly, another reason is that many people give up on their desires when challenges occur. There is so much content nowadays out there on seeking the path of least resistance that many see challenges as the universe telling them that they’re on the wrong path… I disagree with this belief and I’ll explain to you why… I truly believe that the path of least resistance arises after we take the path of most resistance.. most of the time, seeds of growth are hidden in the tasks we avoid…when we are able to maintain a disciplined mindset and push through the areas where we are facing most resistance, we are paving a smoother path for ourselves in the future…but the inner critic dislikes challenges.. it prefers the comfort zone… it prefers the safe zone…

in fact when the inner critic faces challenges, it whispers in our ear ” maybe we shouldn’t be doing this… it’s too hard… it’s too much work…let’s do it later..” and slowly convinces us to give up…after all the critic can speak to us most when we’re in a state of doubt…doubt in our abilities and potential…

but today, I want to remind you that the light is revealed in darkness… often times, miracles arise the day after what feels like the darkest and most challenging night…this is when we need to maintain our faith.. faith in whatever we believe in… but faith is what allows us to trust the process.. to have certainty .. to know that if a desire exists within us, and if we’re reflected on it enough times that we know it belongs to us, and if that desire truly serves the highest good for us and all those involved.. then that challenge, that wait, that roadblock is part of the journey that we’re meant to experience too.. that challenge is not the universe testing us… but rather, if given the opportunity, that challenge will teach us patience.. that challenge will teach us to think outside of the box.. that challenge will teach us to go within and activate gifts that we have kept dormant for years… that challenge has a purpose, and instead of doubting ourselves, we get curious with it…

As Dr Wayne Dyer would say, the moment we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. The moment we start to look at challenges as blessings, thats exactly what it becomes.. remember nothing has meaning until we give it meaning.. so soul friends, let us set an intention today to view our challenges as gifts from the universe…

I pray that you have the discipline and mindset needed to bring all your resolutions to life.. resolutions that will elevate your experience of reality and that will allow you to share your gifts with the world and make it a better place for everyone

Sending you lots of love,

Speak soon


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