The Relationship Acts 

Recently,  I’ve been trying to figure out what the core definition of a relationship is

▪️ It is the act of surrendering your ego – any conversation where the ego takes the front seat is bound to end up in a fight.

▪️It is the act of letting go of fear; the fear of failure – “what if I fall? Oh darling, but what if you fly”

▪️It is the act of trusting the universe; that the other person is here to help us become a better person by reflecting our own flaws through their own behaviour.

▪️It is a test of living in the moment; often times we reminisce about the past or get stuck planning the future. It is moments like these when you lose sight of what’s important – the feeling the person standing in front of you at that exact time and place gives you.

▪️It is an act of courage; to hate/to run away is easy, but to love with all your walls down is an act only for the brave.

▪️ It is an act of reciprocity; respect and love is a two way street. You must give to receive. Anything one sided never works

◽️None of the above are acts, because they must come naturally and consciously to us.

◽️▪️ Every single day, the above elements are tested. And Every single day we make a choice: To allow our opponent to fill our mind with fear or to allow our souls to navigate us —

Lots of Love & Light,

Tannaz Hosseinpour

Episode 5 – Heal Your Mind-Body Connection

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Hey everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to this week’s episode of Minutes on Growth. Last week we discussed the 5 minute rule and how to allocate 5 minutes of our day everyday for as long as we need to feel the feelings associated to a situation that has triggered sadness, anger or fear within us. But what happens if we neglect our feelings and bottle them up and choose to not face them ? Over time, at some point in our lives,  they will show up but in different forms.

We tend to only share the happy and fun parts of our lives on our social media, we do not share our real pains, our darkest hours. I’ve decided to change that, and to be authentic with myself and those around me.

Whenever we push aside our feelings, it reappears in our lives but through a different form. It appears as depression, as weight gain, it appears as a skin disorder or an illness, or it simply takes away the light and youth component from our faces.

The mind and the body are interconnected and we cannot dismiss one or the other. In 2010, my body had never looked better, I was working out 7 times a week, and i finally had the abs I always dreamed off. But then suddenly I woke up one morning, and I had acne for the first time in my life and slowly after that I developed psoriasis. My body may have been healthy, but my mind wasn’t. I had pushed aside my feelings for years. My involuntary relocation from Dubai to Canada, my parents separation, my rejection from Harvard, the loss of friendship, all of these events had impacted me and I never allowed myself to really feel the feelings that I felt as a result of them. I immersed myself into both good and bad things; self harm, wrong relationships, drunken blacked out nights and on the other hand long hours at the library, and intense work outs.

Everyone goes through hardship, and is forced to face unpleasant situations, but if we’re able to face them as they happen, we’re then able to prevent ourselves from making the wrong choices, because we will no longer be making decisions based on fear on anger, but rather be making decisions based on a higher level of awareness and consciousness and from a place of peace and  healing.

I made a choice to embark on a journey of self discovery and healing- i now am aware that my negative emotions trigger my skin disorder, When I get angry or sad, I find my skin itching,(I’ve also noticed that a lot of people get really bad stomach cramps when they’re mad). I now know that my weight gain is a reflection of my inability to let go of some situations and that is why I am unable to let go of the extra pounds. I now know that as a result of my unresolved issues, I have attracted a partner facing the same dilemma,  BECAUSE we do not attract who we want but rather who we are – My body’s reaction is through skin disorders and weight gain, but his is different. I now know that my body and mind cannot be separated and if I am to live life fully and to the highest of my potential, I must dedicate time to both my mental and physical health, and I cannot do that alone.

So now as I am facing life’s new set of challenges, I am allowing myself to discuss and share my pain without shame and judgment. I am learning the importance of a good support group. I am learning that is okay to not be okay as long as I am doing all that I can to fix the root of the problem. I am learning that as I heal my mind, my body will follow. I hope you as well allow yourself to be authentic, to be real, to be felt, to be heard, to be seen.

I recommend you all to read Louise Hay’s book on healing your life and your body.

Thank you for listening, Talk to you next week

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour

Episode 4 – 5 Minute Rule

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Hi Everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to this week’s episode of minutes on growth. Two weeks ago we discussed passion and purpose, and how we owe it to ourselves to pursue our true purpose in life. However on this journey of pursuit, a lot can happen that is out of our control. Negative factors beyond our reach can impact our mental state of mind such as the actions of our colleagues at work, our friends or even our family. I skipped last week’s episode because I was trying to find a way to cope with a hard and private situation I have been facing lately. They say that if it won’t matter in 5 years then you shouldn’t allow it to impact you now. But I am only human. I have emotions and feelings, and the situation may not matter in 5 years, but it matters now and I cannot shut my feelings off when something or someone hurts or angers me. If I do not know how to cope with these emotions in the correct way, and just push them aside for the time being, they will come back to hurt me one way or another in the future.  Whenever a situation produces a negative reaction such as anger, fear or heart break within you, you have to ask yourself”Why is it happening and what is trying to teach me”. But this concept of self-reflection is much easier said than done. So while we’re trying to get to the root of the problem, how can we face it without letting it take over our whole life? I mean even if we get to the root of it, it may still hurt us. I found out that my situation, which was completely about someone else’s life and their choices, was trying to teach me to let go of my need to try and be the ‘fixer’ , but even though I knew that, it still hurt me. So with the help of my spiritual advisor, we came up with the 5 minute rule. Every day for 5 minutes I allow myself to feel all the feelings associated with the situation. During those 5 minutes, there have been days that I’ve cry, there have been days I just sit and stare at the wall and there have been days that i scream from the top of my lungs. But i allow myself to feel that hurt and that anger, but within a time limit. I will only dedicate 5 minutes of my day to this unfortunate situation. I will not allow it to take over my life. I will not allow it to prevent me from pursuing my purpose. I will not allow it to fog my clarity. But I will allow myself to be authentic and honest with myself and more importantly I will give myself time to heal.  So if you’re hurting or you’re angry, give yourself time. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Address them. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself why it hurts and most importantly give yourself 5 minutes everyday for as long as you need to find peace.

Thank you for listening,

Talk to you next week

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour

Episode 3 – Passion and Purpose

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Hello everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to this week’s episode of Minutes on Growth. Last week we discussed “being ready” and trusting the timing of our goals and dreams, but where do these goals and dreams stem from? How do we know what our purpose is and what we’re meant to do with the gifts we’re born with. As a child, I was always good at public speaking. Noticing this, my parents started to encourage me to pursue a career as a lawyer. For the majority of my childhood, I always envisioned myself as an attorney. I mean I loved reading, writing, and debating so I never doubted that decision. During high school, I  started to develop an interest in politics, and human rights so I assumed I would become a lawyer in that field. Anyways, upon receiving my masters in law, I realized that I don’t actually want to be a lawyer. This dream was created for me as a result of my talent of public speaking. But what I truly did want to become was a writer, a motivational speaker, an academic and an advocate of causes dear to me but why did I not pursue that path from the beginning and why did it take me 7 years to realize that? A lot of the time, we misinterpret or misuse our gifts. This tends to happen as a result of our family’s or community’s expectations of us and who they believe we should become, or sometimes simply because its the safe option. A lawyer or a doctor tend to have stable incomes, but leave those careers for those truly passionate about them. Your true purpose brings joy into your life. It gives meaning and value to your presence on earth, So if you’re unhappy in your career, you should ask yourself “Am I really fulfilling my purpose” and “how can I use my passion and gifts in a different way that both serves humanity and brings me happiness?” Don’t confine yourself into a box. Your passions are not one-dimensional. I mean, i love international relations, but I also love spirituality, both of which are unrelated. My purpose is to bring all my unique gifts, talents, and passions together, and then figure out how I can create something joyful out of it.  The key to success is doing what you love because that’s the only way you’ll willingly dedicate your whole self to it.  So please live the life you were brought into this life to live. Let go of what you’ve been programmed to become. Be honest with yourself about what you love to do, and what you’re actually good at doing and then figure out how can you make a career out of it – one that you actually enjoy because the world doesn’t need more successful people that are miserable, it needs more successful people that are HAPPY. Don’t feed yourself excuses and let go of fear because opportunities will arise when you live your true happy self.

Thank you for listening, and looking forward to next week!

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour

Episode 2 – Ready, Set, Go?

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Hello everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to this week’s episode of Minutes on Growth. Last week we discussed commitment issues and how other people’s display of lack of commitment is a reflection of our own commitment issues. This week i want to discuss the concept of being ready. In 2015, I was walking my dog in Green Park in London, when I suddenly experienced something magical. Out of no where, an idea for a children’s book rushed into my mind and words just kept flowing in. I started uttering them out loud and moments later i realized it wasn’t just random words, it was a full on script. I was shocked. I felt as if divine intelligence had taken over. Mind you, I’ve always been a fan of writing and reading, and it was always my intention to write a book, but I never felt ready. Anyways, I immediately ran home and I started writing down everything I could remember, but that evening , as the sun started to set, I closed my laptop and told my self that I just wasn’t ready and that I would go back to it when I finished my degree. 2 years later as I’m looking at the degree that is now on my wall, I keep asking myself why am I still not ready? Perhaps, I am ready. In fact I was ready, even back then, it was just my fear of not succeeding that held me back. Because if I wasn’t ready, the universe would have not delivered the idea of the book to me. Ideas are gifts that are given to us at the right time, and at the right place. It is up to us to be brave enough to pursue them. It is up to us to realize that the only thing holding us back from achieving our full potential is ourselves. So take a moment and ask yourself, when was the last time you stopped yourself from pursuing an idea, or a dream or a goal because you didn’t feel ready? Your dreams and goals are there for a reason. You are ready. So just trust yourself and Trust that the universe always has your back.

Thanks for listening,

Talk to you next week!

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour

Episode 1 – Commitment Issues

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Hello everyone,

This is Tannaz Hosseinpour, and welcome to Weekly Minutes For Growth. Every week, for a few minutes, i will be discussing a topic of importance aimed at contributing to the development of both our work and personal lives. This week, we’ll be discussing commitment. A few months ago, I found myself in a situation where a few of my friends kept making plans with me only to cancel them last minute. Frustrated and quite frankly angry, I decided to seek the advice of my spiritual teacher. I am a firm believer that everything in life occurs to teach us a lesson. However, i couldn’t quite put my finger on what these cancellations meant. As soon as I explained the situation, my teacher responded ” Well they’re cancelling on you because you have commitment issues!”. My ego quickly responded ” but i never cancel any of my plans. i make an effort to always show up. I’m committed in my relationship and committed to my work”. To which my teacher responded ” how many times have you promised yourself you’ll go back to the gym and re start your work out regimen.” and that is when it hit me. All these events were happening to teach me the importance of committing to a plan, any and all plans, and all these external events would not stop until I applied the same logic to my own life, to every aspect of my own life. Ever since, I am much more mindful of my commitments and promises. So ask yourself this,  is any aspect of your life lacking commitment? If so, why is it happening and what can you do to change it? Because everyone and everything around us is there to help us grow. So how can their display of a lack of commitment help us fix ours?

Thank you for listening- Let me know what you think! Looking forward to next week’s discussion.

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour


Mind-Body Relationship

One of the first topics we learn about when studying meditation and yoga is the mind-body relationship. To summarize:

Each chakra corresponds to a specific nervous plexus, or cluster, of ganglionic neurons along the spinal cord pathway.

In the chakra system, these energy centres are the control nucleus of various body systems, similar to the western anatomy model.



Every move the body makes is relayed to the nervous system via the nerves, and according to the messages received in the brain or nervous centers (chakras), an appropriate response is then sent via motor nerves to the parts of the body resulting in subsequent action. In a nutshell, the central nervous system is always kept informed of all that is happening to and in the body.

Because of this relationship, it is very important to keep in mind the power of your mind and thoughts, as it can physically impact your body.

Easy steps you can take to enhance the level of your energy centres:

  • Make sure your space/environment is clean and organized
  • Write down positive affirmations and stick them around your house/office
  • Remove any items from your surroundings that trigger negative emotions such as anger, guilt or jealousy
  • Make a conscious decision to eat healthier meals, so you do not feel guilt afterwards
  • Be mindful of how your body feels when around certain people or places. Try to place yourself in situations where your energy level is highest.


By Tannaz Hp