Episode 54 – Safe Havens by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour, and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Recently, in one of the Rumi & Shams Poetry club sessions, we discussed one of Rumi’s poems that I’d like to share with you. He quotes,

“Some human beings are safe havens. Be companions with them. ~Rumi.”

When we all read this, we all felt a certain comforting and humbling feeling. Historically speaking, we are tribal people. We have always been part of communities. We’ve always been supported by communities. Communities coming together to lend a hand when you’re raising children, to lend a shoulder when you’re grieving, to celebrate your special moments with you. As much as self care is important, community care is just as important.

However, the type of community we are part of is important too. We want to be a part of a community where certain elements such as fear and judgment do not exist.

In order to attract such a desire, we need to become embodiments of our desires first.

We need to be open to creating a safe space for our friends and family to be themselves without them having the fear of judgment. Creating a safe haven for them to express themselves without having the fear of rejection. A community where we strive to see the best in each other, and to amplify each other’s strengths and goodness. When we are surrounded by people who see the best in us, who speak to us in love and kindness, who can see us through the compassionate lens of acceptance, we become comfortable opening our wings. They help us shed the fear of falling back down, because we know that they’ll help us try again. There’s no shame anymore.

Now you might be thinking that all of this sounds good, but its difficult to actually have it because you might have this belief that people are mean, people are selfish, people are not supportive.

If that’s how you feel then I ask you to let go of these beliefs. But I don’t want you to let it go just because I say so, but I rather want you to let it go because you want to, because you recognize how it’s keeping you small. So question those beliefs. Do you know with 100% certainty that your belief is true? Or is there a 1% chance that its not true? Because if that percentage exists, then you need to stop entertaining that belief as an objective truth. Let me tell you this with conviction. The world does have caring people. The world is filled with loving people who WANT to help you. You just need to believe in it.

Start by trusting yourself. Look at all the goodness that exists within you. Trust your goodness. Then start to trust in the goodness of other people, the goodness of community. Remember, no one can reject you, if you don’t reject yourself. So step into your truth.

We are our bestself when we are in supportive communities. So let us create them. Let us be part of them. Let us be open to giving and let us be open to receiving it too. Let us find and be part of communities that resonate with where we’re heading, on the journey to our highest-self.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.

Episode 50 – How To Communicate & Be Heard by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. A couple of days ago, I did a live relationship Q/A on Instagram where I shared a communication tip that many found useful so I thought that I would share it here with you as well.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re speaking to your significant other, your romantic partner, but the other person isn’t giving you the feedback you want. You’re sharing a story with them, but they’re on their phone. You’re speaking to them about your feelings, but it seems as if they’ve mentally checked out.

How frustrating does it feel? I myself experienced all of those numerous times and for me personally, it felt really annoying. I felt as if my partner didn’t care about me or that he didn’t love me enough to listen to me. I created so many mental stories around his reactions, stories that hurt me even more until I learned what I am about to share with you.

About a year ago, I learned that just because someone has the time, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the mental capacity to process new information. So just because my partner is home from work and he’s not technically at work anymore, and he’s resting & watching tv, it doesn’t mean that he has the mental capacity to process what I am about to share with him. He might physically be there, but he might be carrying a heavy mental load.

So how has this realization changed things? Well now, when either one of us wants to share something or discuss something of significance that requires the other person’s full attention, we ask for permission first. So it sounds something like this,

My love, I would love to share something with you. Let me know when you’re available to give me your attention. You can add whether it is urgent or not, so for example I could either say, it’s not time sensitive or it’s a bit time sensitive, so I’d appreciate it if you could make time for it as soon as possible.

When I say this, I need to create space for two responses. Either my partner will let me know that they’re available at that very moment OR I allow them to say not right now and to give me a date and time that works for them, so when they have both the time and mental capacity to give me their full attention , be fully present, and process what I’m sharing with them. Being okay with the second response is crucial in this process. Your partner needs to feel safe and comfortable saying no, without having the fear of how you’ll react and you need to be open to hearing it, without judgment, and vice versa.

Learning and practicing this has truly enhanced the quality my relationship. Now, if I’m communicating with my partner, I feel heard. When both parties in a relationship feel heard, they tend to appreciate and respect one another more.

I hope that this communication tool serves you and your relationship as much as it has served mine. May we all feel seen, heard and valued in our relationships.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.

Episode 47 – Highest Vision by Tannaz Hosseinpour

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Hi Soul-Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. The other day, I was having a discussion with one of the members of my Rumi & Shams poetry club, that I would like to share with you.

We are discussing one of Rumi’s poems, where he writes, You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?

She said that when she heard this line, all she could imagine was the elephants back in her home country India, that lost their strength as soon as they were chained by their feet. How is that possible? Elephants are big and heavy animals that can easily kill someone by simply stepping on them, but when humans put on a small chain around one foot, they suddenly forget all their power and just surrender.

I’ve noticed that it’s the same with human beings. We are all born with unlimited potential and greatness stored within us. However, over the years, as a result of social conditioning, we seem to become like the elephant, forgetting our truth and losing our strength. We forget that we’re born with wings, and instead of crawl through life.

The older we get, the more we lose sight of the divinely unique purpose that is stored safely inside of our heart. We forget to tap into our unique talents and we overlook our passions. We think small. We act small.

But I’m here to remind you of your power, of your greatness, of the realm of infinite possibilities that is within you.

All you need to do is remove those chains that have kept you stagnant for all these years, that has kept you trapped in a box. Now, these chains can be the limiting beliefs you’re holding on to, the belief that only x amount of people can follow their purpose and generate tremendous wealth doing so, or the belief that you need to be lucky to be successful. These chains can be the lies you’ve told yourself, that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough.

I need you to remember that the same mind that can create chains, can also break free from them. It’s all in your control

So today, ask yourself, how have you kept yourself from growing into your highest-self, your highest-vision and once you are reminded of your truth, and of the great vision that was designed for your soul, then take inspired action towards it.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.