Episode 74 – Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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Hi Soul-Friends, it’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. This week, I was to briefly talk about a topic that’s coming up a lot this past season in my 1 on 1 sessions and group coaching programs… the topic of entrepreneurship

With the world going online, more and more people want to start online businesses and want to start side hustles..either because they’ve lost their job or because they’ve realized that they want to do more with their life… but not everyone is actually taking action – so why does this disconnect exist?

Well…the truth is, most people are waiting for the perfect moment.

Why the perfect moment? Because the mind gives us the illusion that if everything is perfect, then nothing will go wrong and we won’t quote on quote fail, and with all the social conditioning we’ve experienced, god forbid we fail.

But I’m here to tell you that the perfect moment doesn’t exist. There isn’t a moment in time that everything from the external or the internal will just magically line up…

I know this from experience.

Over the past 4 years, my holding company has expanded to include a multiple six figure coaching business, an education consultancy firm, a crypto platform and some side hustles in the f&b and retail industry … and when people ask me what is the secret to my expansion.. I always say two things, the first is taking “imperfect action” and the second is redefining failure for myself.

When we’re kids, we have the audacity to dream big, and to claim those dreams as a possibility, a possibility that feels so real. However, the older we get, the inner critic grows with us and gets louder and louder, and we start to hear the inner critic’s voice as the truth. Then when we’re older and we look back on our childhood, we say “ah I always wanted to do this, but I was a child, I was a kid, I didn’t know better, I hadn’t seen how the real world operates.

& We start to make excuses for our desires, we make excuses for our dreams and we take the safe route and we live our day to day life with suppressed unfulfilled potential

but it’s important to pause and to see life through the lens of our younger self, because that is the truth and to tell ourselves that if the desire exists within me, it is meant for me

it is my responsibility, my duty to honour that desire, to bring it to life

now that desire might turn out successful and it might not, but it’s there because this desire Is going to help us elevate and grow. It is who we become on the journey of entrepreneurship that is the goal. It is not the end result of how much money we make but rather who we are during the process, how much impact we have during that process, how much we grow, how much we learn, every time we fall down, what do we learn from that.

I have many successful businesses but over the years I’ve had many unsuccessful ones as well, that were equally instrumental in who I am today as a person. If I had given up the first time things didn’t go my way, I wouldn’t have come up with all these new ideas through which I am able to share my gifts with the world. Because when creativity knocks on our door, and we open the door and honour its presence, it shows up to our front step much more often.

So if we can shift our perspective, and if we can say okay the purpose is to grow and to elevate, to become a more conscious and aware version of myself, to be able to see my flaws through my day to day interactions with my staff and society, and through that reflection to become better, then you my soul-friend are already a successful entrepreneur

the money, the status, the benefits are all the cherry on the top.. they are not the foundation

& let me tell you this with conviction, when you’re in that state of gratitude, of awareness and of consciousness, money flows to you with so much ease, because the universe WANTS to gift you back, because you’ve done so much mindset work that you have removed all the abundance blocks in your head. you are stepping in your truth, you’re stepping into your potential and over there, resistance is limited.

So when I see people seeking money first, without a deeper meaning behind it for something greater than themselves, I tell them, you’re on the wrong path. If you want money, then you need to let go of the critic’s resistance, and level up. You need to step into your truth, into what sets your soul on fire and that truth is always bigger than just what serves you alone.

Every time you play small, every time you convince yourself to postpone your desires, every time you say no to yourself, you are doing a disservice to your community and society .

Because your mess, your story, your talents.. they can all save people, they can transform people’s lives.

So look at your passions, your talents and your desires with respect and honour. Discover your soul’s why. Why do you want to embark on this journey? How will this journey not only elevate your life but the lives of those around you? Then take action with an open heart.. and every time you fall down & your inner critic tries to convince you that you’ve failed, smile, knowing that that voice isn’t the truth, because as long as we’re learning, failure doesn’t exist.. & we’re here to learn, and the quickest way to learn is through these experiences.. so shift your focus on the journey, allow yourself to serve the world, and in return allow the world to serve you with all the abundance it possesses.

Trust yourself

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon

Episode 72 – Embracing Gossip

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Hi Soul-Friends, it’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. This week, I was to briefly talk about a powerful spiritual mindset shift around gossip. You might be reading the podcast title, Embracing Gossip, and be thinking how is anyone ever meant to embrace gossip? Well I’d like to explain…

A few weeks ago, after hearing some gossip spreading about my personal life, my inner critic Blaire immediately wanted to get reactive and jump into the “why me” narrative, but I decided to consciously pause instead. During that pause I was quickly reminded of an extremely important spiritual concept that helped me reframe and rethink the situation.

First of all, what others think of me is none of my business. 

But secondly, there is a spiritual concept that says every single time we gossip or spread a rumour, what we’re ultimately doing is spreading negative energy that is going to come back to us . We reap what we sow.

Gossiping doesn’t hurt the other person, it just hurts us

& more importantly, when we spread gossip and we allow negative words to come out of our mouth, what it actually does is it cleanses the other person’s negative energy!!

So for example, If I’m gossiping about someone, and negative words leave my mouth, since energy attracts its likeness, my negative words will attract the other person’s negativity, and will attach to it. So now, I have more negativity within me, and the person I’ve gossiped about has LESS.

So in that moment, in that intentional pause, I smiled 🙂

What a blessing!

These people speaking badly about me is not only cleansing my negative energy, but also by doing so is making space for more light and blessings to enter my life!

So that’s what the podcast title means.. Rethinking the way we look at gossip and rumours…

Now before I end the episode, I want to address some common questions that tend to come up around this topic

Question 1: What about my reputation?
From a spiritual perspective, The reputation is just an illusion of the ego. What Suzy says of sally, says more about Suzy than sally. When we feel hurt over our reputation, it’s our ego feeling hurt that the narrative is no longer in the ego’s control and that we’re no longer perceived as “perfect”.

Question 2: What if I didn’t have bad intentions when I gossiped? harmless gossip
There is an old story that I love sharing. One day a man hears a rumour about someone in his town. He quickly runs over to his mentor and lets him know that he has heard something terrible about a member of the community. His mentor stops him mid conversation and hands over a feathered pillow. He walks him outside the house and asks him to open the pillow. Suddenly feathers start flying in the air, each going in different directions. In that moment, his mentor reminds him, that when we open our mouth, we do not control where our words end up. They can fly into different places.

So When we speak badly about someone, even if our intention isn’t bad, the moment the word leaves our mouth, we cannot control where it goes or how it’s perceived. The word can be manipulated to mean something different or it can be added on and turned into something bigger, but since we started it; the burden of it falls on us and that’s why negativity comes back to us.

Question 3: How does someone’s gossip cleanse my negative energy?
Energetically, The universe is balanced. When someone sends negativity our way, the universe sends us positive ones. Since energy is never lost just transferred , and since like attracts like, the old negative energy that was within us gets sent to the person who is emitting it to us now. 

So this is why shifting our mindset around gossip is so important.

These small tips when practiced regularly significantly increase the quality of our experience of reality…  & you soul-friend deserve to create & have the best experience!

So the next time you find out someone’s been spreading rumours about you, just pause and smile… they’re literally doing the hard work for you, cleansing you of all the negativity that you want to get rid of…so that you can make space for blessings to come.

Remember, the moment we stop fighting something and start to embrace it instead, it loses all its power over us.. and that is the ultimate inner freedom we need that will allow us to rise to our highest self.

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon

Episode 70 – Energetic Piggy Bank

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Hi Soul-friends, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Today I want to discuss a very important spiritual concept that I like to call the Energetic Piggy Bank

You see, at every given moment, our thoughts and actions carry a certain level of energy. To avoid self-judgment, instead of labelling them as good or bad, let us distinguish each thought and action as either empowering or limiting. Thoughts and actions that are rooted from love, are empowering, and hold a higher positive value, and those that are rooted in fear and the separation of love are limiting and hold a negative value – mathematically speaking, their negative value cancels out the positive ones.

We wake up every morning with 0 energy in our Piggy bank. A clean slate. An opportunity for a new fresh start. From the moment that we open our eyes, to the moment that we fall asleep, the energy levels in our piggy bank will go up and down, depending on our own conscious and subconscious behaviours.

Let’s look at some examples of these behaviours

We see a random person on the street, and send them a silent blessing. Chi Ching, insert empowering positive energy into the piggy bank

We see someone wearing something that we don’t like and we start to ridicule or judge them. Chi Ching, with the negative value of the limiting belief, we’ve just lost energy from the piggy bank

We’re at the grocery store, and the teller isn’t friendly with us. Instead of taking it personally, we pause, and send her love instead, understanding that she’s probably just tired. Chi Ching, insert empowering positive energy into the piggy bank

Our partner leaves his clothes scattered around the house. Instead of addressing the situation, which is the dirty clothes, we attack our partner’s character and call him mean names. Chi Ching, with the negative value of the limiting belief, we’ve just lost energy from the piggy bank

We go on social media or switch on the news, and hear someone share opposing views. Instead of calling them names, we pause, and realize that we all have free will to our own opinions. We can respect people without having to agree with them. That restriction and surrender of control, just scored us some positive points.

We see someone buy the car we love or someone move into the house we’ve had on our vision boards for years. Instead of believing that it’s possible for us too, we allow our mindset of lack and scarcity trick us into thinking that we’re unlucky or that god doesn’t want us to be abundant. Chi Ching, another negative value, & energy lost from the piggy bank

By the time we go to bed, our piggy bank might either be in the positive or negative depending on how we reacted to the outside world. Remember, we have zero control over the outside world, but 100 percent control over our internal world, and our reactions impact the piggy bank.

So why are we even discussing the universal energetic bank? why is it even important for us to be conscious of what we deposit inside of it? Well One of the 12 universal laws, called the Law of Cause and Effect is the law that highlights the direct relation between actions and events. The energy we put out there is extremely powerful because ultimately it impacts what comes back to us. Side note, It’s important to note that what you put out there may not come back to you in that moment, but that vibration, that energy you put out there, has a ripple effect.

So knowing how this universal law operates – we want to set an intention to keep the piggy back full with empowering positive energy, after all we all want positive energy to come back to us.

The examples above showed us that throughout one day, we experience endless situations that can either get us closer to the light, or further away from it.

so soul-friend, take a moment and ask yourself, whats the energy level in your piggy bank right now? what changes can you make in your beliefs, habits, actions, and thoughts that can shift the levels for you? no judgment, no guilt… simple awareness and intention.

Before I end this episode, I hope you recognize the power of your presence on this planet. Your presence is so powerful. Your presence impacts billions of others energetically even if you cant see it.. You truly are an extension of source

Sending you lots of love,

Speak soon.

Episode 68 – Intentions, Just For Today

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Hi Soul-friends, 

Its Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Last week, I took a refresher Reiki course, and was reminded of the beautiful 5 principles of Reiki that I wanted to share with you today. But before I do, I want to briefly talk about a question I was asked , “How can I show up as my higher self?”

& the answer is by showing up as your BEST self. Of course, your best will vary from day to day, but it’s important to be very honest with yourself and to ask yourself ” is this the best that I can do and be in this moment?”

Which brings me to the 5 principles. If we’re able to set these intentions every morning, and honour them throughout the day, then we can show up as our higher self.

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today, I will not be angry

Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

I love them because they’re practical, easy to implement and most importantly focused on the present moment. We usually set new year resolutions — this year, I will do x and y.. but we fail to follow through with them all.

Who we become in 1 year is a result of who we are every single day. When we set daily intentions, we’re not only focusing on the present moment, but we’re also taking tiny steps towards complete embodiment of our higher self.

These 5 principles focus on so many beautiful concepts such as integrity, kindness, gratitude and non-attachment. Worry and anger tend to arise when we’re attached to a certain outcome.. so promising ourself that just for today, we choose to surrender the outcome and just focus on being our best self.

Before I end this episode, I wanted to also share with you a tip I’ve learned that has helped me a lot.. Right before I enter a space, I declare to myself and the universe, that I will embody my best self while I’m there, and carry that declaration through all my interactions for that period.. and then when I enter a new space, I declare it again and again throughout the day.

So for example, if I’m entering a restaurant, I set that declaration and I ensure that I embody it when I’m placing my order with the waiter. I make sure I say a quick blessing before I drink my drink or eat my food. I send a silent blessing to the men and women who have designed the space, who have manufactured the seating… and trust me when I say this, whenever I’ve entered a space in this manner, the food has tasted amazing and the service has been amazing.

We are extensions of source –so when we extend love and blessings to everyone who is on our path, we are embodying the traits of the creator, we are thinking like the source, acting like the source, speaking like the source… and when we embody the source, we have access to the source. we are flowing in the stream of abundance, without resistance.

So with that said, are you willing to declare and embody these 5 intentions today? Are you willing and ready to show up as your higher self, as your best self?

I’m sure you are…

Thank you for listening

Speak soon

Episode 66 – Living in Heaven or Hell?

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Hi Soul-friends,

Its Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Last night I had a dream that one of my family members had passed away. Thankfully, in the Persian culture, we believe that dreams of people passing away means that they’re going to live a long life. But it got me thinking about the idea of heaven and hell from a spiritual and non-religious standpoint

In my opinion, we experience both heaven and hell numerous times every single day. What is fear? it is merely the absence of love. So in the moments that we’re feeling joy, gratitude, love, we’re walking in the garden of heaven. In the moments that we’re feeling jealousy, fear, hate, we’re being dragged in the dark halls of hell.

Think about it, when we’re in a state of bliss, we breathe slowly & deeply however, when we’re in a state of hate, how does our nervous system react? our sympathetic nervous system is activated – we start to get tense — our blood pressure goes up — our body literally enters a state of fight or flight.

In that moment when the absence of love takes over our mind, body, and soul, we energetically disconnect ourselves from the powerful universal force of humanity, from love, from oneness. We create this illusion of separation. It becomes a story of me vs you, me against the world, a story that leaves us feeling alone, abandoned, unsupported. We allow ourselves to be dragged into the darkness.

& nothing grows in darkness. In fact, the ultimate definition of hell is when at our last breathe, as our eyes close to eternal darkness, we have one last vision: the person we are looks into the eyes the person we could’ve been. In that moment, we’re filled with regret of not living life fully to the best of our ability, regret of allowing fear and doubt to control the narrative more times than one, regret of not choosing love out of fear of being vulnerable, regret of not pursuing our desires, regret of unfulfilled potential and as Dr Wayne Dyer would say “dying with our music still in us”

I know, all this might sound morbid but the good news is that we live in an abundant world of free will and opportunities- With every breathe, we are given a new chance, a new life. We are given a new opportunity to do better, to think better, to be better. We are given the opportunity to choose differently – to choose what serves our highest good, as well as the highest good for all.

In every moment, you can choose to look at your body and thank it for allowing you to walk, to talk, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch.. or you can look at your body and judge it for not being quote on quote perfect.

In every moment, you can choose to look into a beggar’s eyes and see a part of yourself in them or to look into their eyes and allow your ego to create a sense of separation, an illusive sense of “I am better than you”

In every moment, you can choose to thank the universe, god, creator, whatever you’d like to call this higher source for all the blessings in your life, or you can choose to complain and fixate on what is missing and lacking in your life.

In every moment, you can choose to look at your challenges as opportunities for growth, or you can choose to label yourself as unworthy of an abundant life or even unlucky.

In every moment you can choose to take inspired actions towards your desires or you can give up and declare yourself a victim of your past circumstances.

In every moment you can choose to entertain thoughts that lift your soul or choose to allow your inner critic fill your mind with limiting thoughts.

In every moment you can choose to suppress your past unresolved trauma and allow it to impact your present moment, or you can choose to process them and heal so that you can move on without any weights on your shoulder holding you down.

In every moment, you can choose to take things personally or you can choose to realize that people’s actions and behaviours rarely have anything to do with you.

In every moment, you can choose to make assumptions, assumptions that hurt ourselves, or you can choose to create space for nonjudgmental clarity.

You see in every moment, we have a choice: to walk in the garden of heaven or to be dragged in the dark hallways of hell.

In every moment, we have a choice to either choose love and fulfillment, or fear and regret.

The choice is always ours.

The choice is always yours.

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon.