Episode 63 – New Year , New Me?

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Hi Soul-friends, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Before we begin, I wanted to wish you all a happy 2021, a year filled with abundance, abundance of health, abundance of wealth, abundance of love, and all that your heart truly desires. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that life is unexpected. We really can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, so we need to make sure that we live every moment of today to the best of our ability. To show up authentically. To show up with passion and excitement. To show up with love. To be purpose led.

Which brings me to this week’s topic. We hear it all the time, new year , new me. But does a new year mean that you magically change? We’re not in a Cinderella story where come midnight everything transforms. The truth is, our experience of reality changes only when we change, and change takes effort, change takes consistency and persistence.

Looking back on 2020, I realized that for me, it was the year that taught me the importance of intentionality, reflection and self-evaluation. Constantly asking myself questions like “Is what I’m doing serving my short term and long term visions?” – “Are my thoughts empowering me and my goals?”, – “Is my current morning routine limiting my potential?” – “is my tribe a reflection of my higher self?”. 2020 kind of provided me with the space and time to say “wait a second, let me pause and take inventory of my life, of the path I’m on and evaluate whether its aligned with my life purpose, with my dharma, with how I want to share my gifts with the world”. It really was an eye opening year. I must add that all this self-reflection and inner work did not go as smoothly as it sounds. On some days, it was filled with frustration, with guilt, even with shame, but nothing grows in our comfort zone and sometimes we need to ask ourself these challenging questions. We evolve through self-reflection.

Which brings me now to 2021. How can we apply past year’s lessons to our life now. Well for starter, we can set an intention to show up everyday, with a growth mindset that believes with hundred percent certainty that the universe has your back. Why wouldn’t it? You are an extension of our source. Your presence alone is an unrepeatable miracle that deserves everything. You being alive is all the proof you need that you are worthy and deserving of all your desires, and the universe does not play favourites. The universe gives to you what you believe you deserve. So if you can step into that truth, then all the cards are stacked in your favour.

But you need to show up. You need to take imperfect inspired action.

Just take the first step and let the path reveal itself to you.

Did you know that it took the Egyptians roughly 20 years to build the great pyramid? So for 20 years, every single day, they got up and they put limestone block on limestone block. They persevered because they had a vision. and after 20 years, their vision came to life and changed history. It’s the same with our life. We need to show up to our own life every single day. We need to set visions that motivate us and inspire us to keep on going.

We need to trust that all our efforts will be rewarded, and we need to be patient with the process and the timeline. Do you ever see a gardener speak to the seeds and say “why aren’t you growing” as soon as he has planted them? No, because it takes time to grow, but he is certain that with the current amount of sunlight and water, the seeds will grow.

Soul-friend, this year, I hope that you will consistently water your visions with love and attention, and you will maintain certainty throughout it all.

So, take a moment, and ask yourself, “are you ready to evolve into your next higher self this year?”, ” are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you”, “are you ready to ask yourself challenging self-reflective questions?”, and lastly are you willing to put in the work?

It is not a coincidence that you’re experiencing the physical realm during the age of Aquarius. Now is the time for you to fulfill your soul’s purpose. I’m sure you can do it, and I’m here for you if you need help.

Thank you for listening,

speak soon.

Episode 61 – Is Your Life Unfair?

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Hi Soul-friends, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. I’ve recently started a weekly Q/A on my instagram account, and I’ve noticed that one topic keeps coming up in different wording, the idea that life is unfair.

Why do we sometimes feel like we’re in a one-sided relationship with life. We’re doing, thinking and saying all the right things, but somehow, it feels like we’re just giving, and not really getting anything in return.

This was definitely me for the longest time. For example, I always felt as if I was the one who was putting all the effort in my friendships, but my friends weren’t there for me just as much, or at work, I was carrying most of the weight. Until I sat down and asked myself, why is this pattern showing up so much in different areas of my life? Why is this story in my life movie? And I had a huge aha moment that really catapulted me into the next version fo myself. You see, giving for me was much easier. Giving was my comfort zone. But why was giving easier for me? Because I was a controlling perfectionist. When I was giving, I had somehow convinced myself that by doing so, I able to control the narrative. That through giving, I was able to validate my sense of self-worth. Giving to feel good for selfish serving. The intention behind my giving was one of the reasons I was having a hard time receiving. Another reason was that in my head, receiving was programmed as weakness. For the longest time, I carried tremendous shame around receiving. I grew extremely independent so any signs of dependence scared me so much. I was walking around with this narrative that I don’t need anyone. I don’t need support. I don’t need this or that. I can do it all on my own. But just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

The moment I had this realization, I was able to not only start receiving, but to also shift my intention around giving. Giving without a controlling agenda, giving without expectation. Giving solely for the purpose of sharing and serving. Because when we give from a place of love, we have opened our souls to receiving because we want other people to also experience the joy of giving from a place of love. But if we’re giving from a place of ego, we will close ourselves off to receiving, because we don’t want someone else to use us to validate their ego.

I know its a lot to think about, but sit with this thought. Ask yourself, when you’re giving to someone, why are you doing it? And if you’re having a hard time receiving, ask yourself, what are your beliefs around receiving?

In episode 57, I talked about the vertical and horizontal connection, giving horizontally and receiving vertically. Today I want to broaden that and say, please allow yourself to receive from others. Allow others to also experience the joy of giving. Allow them to experience this with you.

Let us let go of this belief that we’re alone, that we’re meant to do it all on our own. You will be surprised when you let down your walls. When I made that shift, I realized that so many of my friends were trying to be there for me but I was the one who was blocking it. At work, there were so many people who wanted to help, but I was pushing them away. When I made that internal shift, my experience of reality shifted too.

I hope today and everyday, you allow yourself to receive both vertically and horizontally.

Thank you for listening,

Speak soon

Episode 59 – Power of Certainty

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Hi Everyone, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. I want to ask you 2 questions, that I hope will get you thinking about the type of year you want to experience in 2021. If you were certain that everything would work out in your favour, who would you be, and what would you do?

You seen often times, we don’t live the life we’re meant to live because of fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown. All of these fears and more, hold us back from living our true purpose. We choose the safe career. We stay in the same city even when our soul is screaming for change. We stay inside of our comfort zones, and then complain about feeling unfulfilled.

As cliche as that sounds, you’re not here to survive. You’re here to thrive.

So what do you need to get to the space where you are able to step outside of that fear, and to finally start living the life that gets you so excited every single morning. Where your job no longer feels like a burden but rather a source of inspiration and joy.

We’ve been programmed to think that only the lucky ones get to live that type of life. I ask you to throw out the word luck from your vocabulary. and replace it with certainty.

Certainty, the one word that transformed 2020 for me. Certainty that I am supported by the universe. Certainty that my desires are within me for a reason. Certainty that my presence here right now is not a coincidence. Certainty that I am an extension of the source and therefore have access to the stream of unlimited abundance.

Let me say this, according to spiritual laws and the laws of attraction, everything that you desire is in your vibrational reality. It just hasn’t manifested into the physical realm yet. & in order for it to show up, you need to have FUN on the journey. And you can’t have fun if you’re worrying about it. Thats why certainty needs to be present.

Having certainty that you purpose is meant for you, and once you embark on the journey, the universe will assist you every single step of the way.

Trust is the doorway to miracles.

I know, your masculine energy, the logical side, isn’t pleased with hearing this. It’s all about the numbers, the statistics, the facts. But let’s not forget that life is the balance of yin and yang, the masculine and the feminine, the balance of taking inspired action and surrendering, the doing and the being.

Your presence here is an unrepeatable miracle. Do not underestimate the power of your presence. Do not underestimate the uniqueness of your talents, passions, and desires.

Acknowledge your fears and face them anyway. Step into the unknown, with complete certainty that if it wasn’t meant for you, there is no way the idea would come to you. Release the doubts. Silence the inner critic. Lean into faith. Surrender to the highest vision destined for you.

In the words of Dr.Wayne Dyer, bless his soul, “If You Knew Who Walked Beside You At All Times, On The Path That You Have Chosen, You Could Never Experience Fear Or Doubt Again.”

You my friend are supported and guided at all times. Don’t forget that.

Sending you lots of love,


Episode 57 – Spiritual Ladder

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Hi Everyone, It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. I recently read a beautiful quote by the famous Persian poet Rumi that got me thinking about our spiritual connection with the source, the creator, the light, god or however you feel comfortable referring to it.

He quotes, “The day you were born, a ladder was set up to help you escape this world”

When I first read this, I closed my eyes and envisioned a luminescent ladder in front of me. I imagined myself going up the ladder, and the further up I went, the brighter it got, and simultaneously the lighter I felt. I felt goosebumps all over my body as I stayed within the vision. When I opened my eyes, I began to think about the experience

I believe that we always have access to that feeling — that we always have access to the ladder. All we need to do is go within, to set an intention to connect and to place our focus on the space between everything and nothing. Which got me thinking… connection with the divine is in our hands and even better, is only a thought away. But often times, we stand in the own way of our connection. We fill our mind up with noise. We don’t allow for silence to find room.

But we need to — specially with the holidays coming up and many of us not spending it the same way we usually do. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that even though the dynamics of our horizontal connections with other human beings has changed , our vertical connection with the source remains the same, and we have access to it whenever we want.

Speaking of vertical and horizontal relationships, a couple of years ago, my spiritual teacher taught me something that has helped me tremendously and I’d like to share it with you. He said, when we do good, when we share, when we help others, when we serve, we do all of it for one reason only; to strengthen our vertical connection with the source. Expectations create suffering because we fail to realize that while we’re giving horizontally, we shouldn’t expect to receive horizontally as well. Our receiving comes from the source. Our intention is not to receive from intermediaries (if we do receive it from them, then thats a bonus).But our main intention is to tap into and receive from the source of unlimited abundance & light.

After all, every single one of us is an extension of the source.

& Every single one of us deserves to have the strongest relationship with that source.

So this holiday, please know that you’re not alone. You can climb that ladder whenever you’d like. (& if you’re craving some bonus connections, please feel free to reach out to me via email or social media. I am always here for you)

Sending you lots of love,

Speak Soon.

Episode 54 – Safe Havens

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Hi Soul-Friends,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour, and welcome to another short solo episode of Minutes on Growth. Recently, in one of the Rumi & Shams Poetry club sessions, we discussed one of Rumi’s poems that I’d like to share with you. He quotes,

“Some human beings are safe havens. Be companions with them. ~Rumi.”

When we all read this, we all felt a certain comforting and humbling feeling. Historically speaking, we are tribal people. We have always been part of communities. We’ve always been supported by communities. Communities coming together to lend a hand when you’re raising children, to lend a shoulder when you’re grieving, to celebrate your special moments with you. As much as self care is important, community care is just as important.

However, the type of community we are part of is important too. We want to be a part of a community where certain elements such as fear and judgment do not exist.

In order to attract such a desire, we need to become embodiments of our desires first.

We need to be open to creating a safe space for our friends and family to be themselves without them having the fear of judgment. Creating a safe haven for them to express themselves without having the fear of rejection. A community where we strive to see the best in each other, and to amplify each other’s strengths and goodness. When we are surrounded by people who see the best in us, who speak to us in love and kindness, who can see us through the compassionate lens of acceptance, we become comfortable opening our wings. They help us shed the fear of falling back down, because we know that they’ll help us try again. There’s no shame anymore.

Now you might be thinking that all of this sounds good, but its difficult to actually have it because you might have this belief that people are mean, people are selfish, people are not supportive.

If that’s how you feel then I ask you to let go of these beliefs. But I don’t want you to let it go just because I say so, but I rather want you to let it go because you want to, because you recognize how it’s keeping you small. So question those beliefs. Do you know with 100% certainty that your belief is true? Or is there a 1% chance that its not true? Because if that percentage exists, then you need to stop entertaining that belief as an objective truth. Let me tell you this with conviction. The world does have caring people. The world is filled with loving people who WANT to help you. You just need to believe in it.

Start by trusting yourself. Look at all the goodness that exists within you. Trust your goodness. Then start to trust in the goodness of other people, the goodness of community. Remember, no one can reject you, if you don’t reject yourself. So step into your truth.

We are our bestself when we are in supportive communities. So let us create them. Let us be part of them. Let us be open to giving and let us be open to receiving it too. Let us find and be part of communities that resonate with where we’re heading, on the journey to our highest-self.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.