Episode 35 – No AttrACTION without Action

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Hey soul-friends,

It’s your host Tannaz Hosseinpour, and Welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth.

One of my favourite topics to talk about and do workshops on is decluttering the mind and manifesting. I believe that mastering the art of decluttering is one of the strongest foundations for personal development and growth. However, I’ve noticed that almost every single time I finish a talk on this topic, I get the same question at the end – the question is “I’ve stopped thinking negatively and I’ve been focusing on positive thoughts but I’m still not manifesting my desires”.

I understand this question so well — Growing up, I witnessed a lot people in my life be super positive but not be able to manifest their desires.

Let me ask you this – If you’re a student and you have an exam coming up – if all you do is ask the universe for good grades, and just meditate or feel relaxed – will you get a good grade? No. You cannot get good grades without actually putting in the work and studying.

Yes – asking the universe for good grades will plant the seed of intention into your subconscious. By saying it out Loud, you let the universe know that you feel deserving and worthy of it and it will boost your self confidence.

Yes – by meditating and feeling relaxed, your mind will be able to better absorb the information as its not in a state of fear. The more relaxed you are before and during the exam, the better you’ll do

But without the 3rd component – of actually showing up to study – chances are you won’t do that well.

So use this analogy with all your intentions and goals. Ask yourself, when you set a goal..

Are you showing up to your life every single day to the best of your ability? Your best can be different every single day – some days you might be on fire and supercharged – some days you might feel like you need a break – but as long as you SHOW UP to the best of YOUR ability- that all that matters. It’s important to SHOW UP & take action. The word action is in attraction – you can’t have one without the other.

Ask yourself, am I acknowledging the fears that I’m having right now — what baby steps can I take towards the ones that I do have control over?

If I want to make x amount of money, and I’ve set the intention and I’ve surrendered it to the universe, and I walk with faith and trust — am I actually showing up to my life by taking action? am I working on my skills? am I open to opportunities? am I willing to listen to the universe when it is speaking to me through family/friends and random coincidences.

If I want to become fit and healthy, am I mindful of my eating habits? Am I trying to put in 30 minutes of movement every day? Am I drinking enough water?

If I want to attract ” the one”, am I working on becoming an embodiment of my desires by working on my personality traits – am I putting myself out there? am I open to meeting my significant other online? and so on..

So if you’re listening to this episode, I kindly ask that today, just for today, you show up to your own life to the best of your ability. and you keep doing this , day after day. Stop waiting – stop procrastinating – stop asking the world for permission – you are the author of your own life! You can attract the life of your dreams – you just need to take action – consistently – one step at a time.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.

Episode 33 – Resistance to Setting Intentions

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Hey soul-friends,

Welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. I’m your host Tannaz Hosseinpour and today I want to talk about personal resistance. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about intentions – how we set them, why we set them and how we can actually release them into the universe so that they can come to fruition. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of hesitation when setting intentions during hard times, especially intentions related to material wealth. When life is flowing and going exactly as we’d like it to, there is less resistance to asking and manifesting. Somehow, the words flow out easier and we have more trust in the process. But when life feels difficult, for example during a pandemic, or a financial crisis, we think twice before setting them.

In Kabbalah, they introduce us early on to a word that I believe holds immense power: certainty. They argue that we need to live and breathe life with certainty. We need to believe at all times, that everything is from the divine source, from light, from god, from the universe.

Certainty I believe is the element we need to add to the equation when resistance is involved. Realizing that the fear that holds us back from setting and releasing an intention is just the inner neighbour, the inner critic within our mind that wants us to have doubt. The inner critic that thrives on drama. The inner critic that takes us away from our truth. The inner critic that preoccupies our mind with so much clutter, that we no longer see certainty. we no longer feel connected to the universe.

In those moments of resistance, let us shift our focus and awareness onto certainty. Let us know that the universe always has our back. Let us know that the universe will always support us. Let us walk with full trust and certainty – knowing that what we have released will come to fruition. Today, let us set intentions without focusing on the how — let us surrender to the unknown with certainty.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.

Episode 28 – STOP Blocking The Flow of Abundance

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Hey soul-friends,

Welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. My name is Tannaz Hosseinpour and today I want to talk about Abundance. In one week, I will be releasing my free 21-Day guided journal on manifesting abundance, but I just realized that in order for abundance to enter in our lives – we first need to know the most important fundamental rule.

See, we all want to live a loving life, abundant in health, wealth, happiness and joy, however without even realizing it, our mind holds on to some beliefs that block the flow of abundance into our life. 

Let me start with an example – how many of you have experienced a similar situation where You’re an entrepreneur in a specific industry and someone comes to you and asks for advice on how to enter the same field as yours. For a split second, you hold back on helping them out. Your mind automatically enters into a fearful state and starts thinking, if I help them out and they become my competitor then it automatically means that I won’t have as much business. In that moment you are no longer thinking about the presence of business and opportunities but rather on the lack. In that moment, without even realizing it, you close the doors of abundance why? Because you forget one of the fundamental rues of abundance which is that there is an unlimited source of abundance in the world. No matter how many people tap into the field of unlimited abundance and opportunities, there is still unlimited abundance left. That is the definition of unlimited – never ending.

By forgetting this rule, we not only block the light and blessings from entering into our life, but we also prevent our soul from doing what it loves to do most – which is serving and sharing its wisdom.

There is unlimited abundance going around, and as long as your aligned and in tune with that abundant flow, you have access to it. But if you think hey if I help that person out, I’m going to have less – then you’re automatically going to have less, because you’ve already started focusing on lack. 

And this applies to all fields and industries. For example, as coaches, our intention is to always help people recognize how powerful they are. We collaborate with each other so more people become their best, truest, highest and most authentic versions of themselves. We want everyone to recognize their potential – why? Because if we don’t share our insights and tools, they won’t succeed – & when humanity is succeeding – we are succeeding. 

Or have you ever thought as to why millionaires and billionaires write books, create courses or seminars? Why are they sharing all their wisdom with people? Don’t they understand that by sharing their secrets it might mean that they’ll make less money as more people make more money? Absolutely not. That is not how they think. Because they understand how abundance work. They understand that no matter of how many of their tips, insights and secrets they share, their share of abundance does not get impacted.

I encourage you today, if you’ve been in a specific field for x amount of time, are you willing to share your insights with those that are just starting out? Are you willing to help others realize their potential in your own field? Or are you holding on to this mindset that there is only so much to go around and I don’t want to share that.

Imagine a world with is unlimited abundance to go around, & everyone recognizes this truth and taps into that field of unlimited opportunities, what happens? everyone has what they need – and everyone is growing – how wonderful is that?

What a beautiful world it can be – but that will only happen if you truly believe that abundance is unlimited.

Are you wiling to shift your mindset?

Are you ready to allow abundance into your life? If so, please visit http://www.minutesongrowth.com and sign up to receive your copy on May 1st 2020.

Thank you for listening, Speak soon.

Episode 27 – Destroy Your Reputation

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Hi Everyone,

It’s Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. The other day I came across a poem by one of my favourite poets Rumi in which he said, “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.”

The poem goes against everything we’ve learned growing up, which basically was advice on how to not ruin our reputation and to always care about what people think of us because somehow our lives are dependant on the opinion of others. Which made me think… what is a reputation even, like what does it even mean. Is there one fixed reputation that I can have in my life or do I have different reputations because if you ask person X about me, they’re going to have a different perspective of me than Person Y, and so on. That’s because people can only see others from the level of understanding and consciousness that they are vibrating at. Which pretty much means that my reputation is just a compilation of other people’s thoughts about me based on their own level of awareness at that given time. How does that even make sense?

If I’m constantly worried about acting a certain way, talking a certain way, thinking a certain way in front of people, then when do I get to be me. And if I cant be myself, then how can I ever live life as an authentic human being? I’m pretty much a fake, and is that how I really want to live life?

Not anymore. I want to live life as myself. I want to move out of my comfort zone and into the unknown, into freedom from judgement, into freedom from self criticism, into purpose. Is fitting in comfortable? Of course it is. you’re doing everything right by society’s terms, but you’re slowly killing that creative burn within you. You’re slowly silencing your soul’s voice. You’re suppressing your inner voice’s desire to shine. Would you rather be pretending to live on the outside, but be dying on the inside. Or would you rather let go of your need to have society’s definition of a reputation, and step into your truth, so that you can shine from the inside. and when you shine from the inside, your light uplifts the people you were brought on this earth to uplift.

So now I understand what Rumi meant by being mad. He just meant that we should chose to live life as our true self, as our authentic self. To show up to life exactly as we are, and who cares what people might think. If they want to call us mad and crazy, let them. I’d rather be mad and free, than a prisoner in someone else’s perception of me.

So today ask yourself, who do you want to live for, others or yourself.

Thank you for listening, speak soon.

Episode 26 – Faith & Hope

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Hi Everyone,

Its Tannaz Hosseinpour and welcome to another episode of Minutes on Growth. With everything that is going around the world, I thought that I would focus this episode on the words faith & hope.

I’m recording this episode wearing a shirt with the text ” Relax, nothing is under control”. It could not be any more relevant.

As we’re all sitting at home, some of us worried about the future, and how this will impact our lives, let us courageously take this opportunity to reframe the situation for ourselves.

Here’s a suggestion.. Why don’t we try to let go of the word “problem” and replace it with the word “challenge” – A problem suggests that there is something we need to fix, but as my shirt notes, this situation Is not in our control – There’s not much we can do on the physical realm except distance ourselves from others – The word challenge on the other hand suggests that this challenge like all the others we face throughout our life is one that we can turn inwards to overcome – one that is ultimately here to serve us & to help us grow.

Let us be conscious of our thoughts, beliefs and opinions. What are we putting out into the collective consciousness? How are we contributing? Are we speaking fear or hope into fruition? This is our opportunity to level up the awareness field

Today, more than ever, we are reminded of the power of intention, the all knowing, omnipresent force that is here and everywhere. Let us tap into that force – it is ours to tap into so let us align with it.

Let us be the living example of the power of spirit –

Let us be here, in the present moment. The future moment is filled with uncertainty, but this moment, this moment is the right moment for us  to Turn within, to Return to the source. And to strengthen our belief in certainty.

Let us allow our divine mind to take the lead , and surrender for it to connect with the collective mind.

Let us allow our souls to remember the spirit’s truth – that all is well – the source that blooms the flowers, flows the rivers, grows the trees – the invisible source – it’s still here – it’s still working- Know that the light is by our side – there is goodness everywhere – beauty surrounds us.

Let us envision that our prayers are blossoming in a new world –  a new world filled with more compassion and love – something wonderful is taking place and we choose to align with it.

Let us make a conscious effort to be In a state of absolute thanksgiving – knowing that which we are praying for has already come to fruition. Knowing that our prayers have come true. We allow it to fulfill itself more beautifully that we can ever imagine. 

We are the ones that get to choose. Today, just for today, choose to participate in goodness, love, blessings. We are opening ourselves to becoming the divine receiver of all these blessings and in fact, our cups are so full that we are  now bestowing these blessings onto our friends and family. Remembering that we are all connected, and we are all one,Let us extend this light to all of those on the planet 

We want to bring the eternal into our reality. So let us speak of blessings. Speak of hope. Let us amplify the energy within us – Let the light into every aspect of your life – mental and physical part. 

Plug into it and allow the transformation from fear to hope – This fear, let us let it go, let it evaporate. We rise, and thrive to a place of divine strength and clarity, divine cooperation and magnificence. 

I want to end this episode by reciting an excerpt from Dr Wayne Dyer’s book, the power of intention. He writes, “ In his book Man’s searching for meaning, Viktor Frankl describes a bowl of filthy water with a fish floating in it, given to him by his Nazi captors in a concentration camp during WWII. He trained himself see beauty in this meal, rather than focus on the horror of it. He attributed his ability to see beauty anywhere as a vital factor in surviving those horrific camps. He reminds us that if we focus on what’s ugly, we attract more ugliness into our lives. By choosing to hang on to one’s corner of freedom even in the worst situations, we can process our world with the energy of appreciation and beauty, and create an opportunity to transcend our circumstances”

So I kindly ask you to shift your perspective onto gratitude and appreciation – to remember that we are all going through this together, and if we can all just use this challenge as an opportunity to come together, to consciously show up, rise up, elevate, and reconnect with our true self, one another and Mother Earth , & to do this just one day at a time, I promise you that so much beauty and goodness will arise from this, as we raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness.

Thank you for listening, and speak soon.

Love & Light, Tannaz Hosseinpour